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Well is all the hunter that had to work week ready for tomorrow I know I'm ready
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Not trying to rub it in but since I'm retired, I am tired and my pack looks beat so I guess I will go to work day at the beagle club. Whoa be to them come Monday as We have a big hunt lined up with large expectations!

Best of Luck to Everyone and leave a few for seed!

Man yea I cant wait for in the morning to turn them blackcreeks loose. I bet the rabbits are already dreading it
I just hope the rain holds off we're heading out to go swamper huntin
I didnt go today. I went to an SPO trial at TAM instead.

I had one that got picked up for low score in the first series and one that got picked up in second series.

Neither one of em really did anything wrong, they just had some really good dogs up there and mine didnt get enough done to stay down.

Thats the big leagues and I aint quite ready for them yet. Im still in the minors.
I ran dogs today with my dad and my son. We didn't take any guns, but I did take a bow, pulled back 5 or 6 times but never got a shot off. The dogs did catch one though. Freddie do you know who won the little bitch class?
I didn't get to go today either,had to work.I was happy to be there though had to call in sick yesterday first time in 2 years I got the stomach virus that has been going around IT SUCKS :yuck: I'm glad it only lasted 24 hours hope none of you guys get it I don't wish that on anyone.
I went this morning . Went one place never jump nothing pick them up went to another spot and had some great running
No, I havent heard who won but I can find out tomorrow. Im going to a derby trial at Peach Country tomorrow and Clete Worley is gonna be judging so I can find out from him since he had a female make the winners pack.
I saw the winner on the ESPO site but cant remember her name. Richard Sawyer handled her and if its the one I think it was, she only needed a quarter point to finish.
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