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Went Saturday took my meatballs to a place I havent ran all year, could not get anything going, all day through briars nothing, was like my dogs had cotton balls stuffed up their noses, I will give them props, they never gave up, they stayed busy grubbing through the briars and brush piles but couldn't jump a rabbit to save their life, about the last hour one of my females got one going only to last 100 yards and poof that was over.

I took off Monday to go for a 1/2 day then I had to do some running in town, well it was a complete different change, I dropped tailgate within 5 minutes had one going, looped it around straight back to me,lasted maybe 15 minutes, 20 minutes later got another going, ran that one for 30 min or so, buddy of mine got that one, 10 m in later got another going that lasted almost an hr and a half ,that one was really trying to lose the dogs, he did kinda of a figure 8 then ran a circle 2 times before my buddy shot it . The best one to me was the last run, my 8 month old pup jumped that one the pack went to him and it was on, ran for maybe 20 minutes came back to me only for me to miss it. Since the day was going good was going to push off my errands that afternoon but the wind started kicking 20-30 mph so went ahead and called it for the day.Some days I want to get rid of everything I got and start over then the next trip they shine , what do you do. lol
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