San Juans and cottontails

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  1. can San Juans and cottontails breed in the wild? i bought some rabbit cages today, thinking about raising some San Juans.
  2. Crowders

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    cottontails and san juans

    San Juans and cottontails will not mate in the wild,cottontails tend to stay with their own kind.

  3. Bglenut

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    Crowders is right. They will not breed outside of there on family.

    San Jauns will not survive out in the wild to long due to they are really SLOW and they like to stay out on the open areas.
  4. FB

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    Is a San Juan and a knothead the same thing?
  5. Bglenut

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    I would say NO. Mosy San Jauns are the larger type and the Knott Head is a small to Med size. The Knott Heads will run a little better than the San Jauns.
  6. FB

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    Ive got some that are supposed to be knotheads but Im have the darndest time raising any babies off of em. Ive had two litters and they had them on the floor of the cage instead of in the box. It was the first litter for both of them so I thought maybe they were just inexperienced but I cant seem to get em bred again. The buck gets up there and acts like he took care of business but no babies.

    I think I need to buy a mature, proven, buck if anyone has one for sale.