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  1. well guys...i took out four dogs this of my tri dogs...Buddy...and my 6 year old blue dog!!!...and i mean they pounded the first rabbit for an hour and a half!!! my old blue dog (blue) a pretty fast little dog...but i havent ran her much in the last month or so cause i am trying to concentrate on my young dogs!!! she was a little fat and out of shape...but she came out of the box with a bang!!!...jumped a rabbit pretty quick...and the other two fell in with her and just tore that thing up!!!...well...i knew that my tri could run with her pretty i was really putting Buddy to the test!!!...i know he does pretty good check work so i figured i would get to test him!...well thats where i got fooled a little!!...i saw the rabbit go into some thick stuff and here came the dogs...Buddy leading the way...and that little dog was flat pouring it on!!...they went across this field...and Buddy stayed in front from then on!!...i was expecting him to over run the line at some point as fast as they were moving!!!...but he stayed right on it!!...other dogs right on his heels...but he handled himself very well!!!...that race ended in a hole...but it was fun while it lasted!!! Gypsy...she is coming right along....she actually ran some tracks today after the other dogs past by!!!...and i jumped a rabbit and she seen it...and the race was on!!!...she ran it for about 40-50 yards before the others got to her!!!...of coarse they blew the hair off her tail when they went by her...but...she stayed and ran it the best she could before coming back to me!!! i guess all in all...i had a pretty darn good morning!!!...just thought i would share this with you all!!!
  2. Sounds to me you have some very nice hounds and when rabbit season comes around you should do well,by than Gypsy will be very much a part of the pack..

  3. sounds like you had a little fun this morning
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    Sounds like more fun than I was having. I had to work.
    The weather down here is dry, dry. Its getting tough to put together a long run,
  5. Sounds like a great day to me. Only thing about running dogs now is the ticks
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    I wear long pants and a long sleeve shirt, the ticks don't seem to bother me to bad.
  7. yeah...ticks are bad this year...i got a few off me before they stuck...i picked quite a few off the dogs... i got it all under control now though!!
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    Sounds like you're having some fun running those rabbits. Keep it up.

  9. i will buddy...i will...LOL
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    Its going to get hot before long to run much only mornings or late eve, i like to run where i can watch the dogs work. :wink:
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    looks like you have got you a sure enough rabbit dawg now. I know you cant wait to kill your first rabbit over her.
  12. no...i cant wait...she caught and killed her first one yesterday!!!!...LOL
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    thats awesome ive got an 8 month old pup that i wish I could have put as much time in as yours but between hunting and trialing hes just now starting to get alot of tracks put on him
  14. well...i was blessed with having some time to put in to her...she stayed in the house until she was about 3 months old...she was already house broke!!...and she went to the kennel with the rest of the hounds...i bought a tame bunny...worked with that for a little while...then took her to this little spot that has 3 or 4 rabbits in these two small thickets...took her early in the morning when the rabbits were still out!!...and the rest is documented history!!!...LOL...i am a firm believer that every pup has its own time slot that begins to understand and calculate what is going on!!...obviously some earlier than others!!...but if you can start giving them what they need at the beginning of that time slot...and keep it exciting to them...and let them progress as fast as THEY can...instincts and genetics will do the rest!!!...i mean i could have left her in the kennel until she was 6 or 8 months old...but look at what she will have gained by the time she is 6 or 8 months old...3 to 5 months of experience!!!!..JMO