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running the same rabbits over and over?

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Was wondering if running the same rabbits makes them harder to run after the first couple of times?
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I know they wise up in training pens so I would imagine they would in the wild also.
The answer is yes you have to give the rabbit some credit....he has survived many years and yes they will get smart
I have a 5 acre starting pen that I try to keep 4 to 5 rabbits in and they dont seem to get to wise but they are only used to start puppies with. On the other hand I run about 300 days out of the year in about 5 or 6 different places and the rabbits seem to get smarter but I think it also makes for a smarter rabbit dog.
Iwould agree they have to get smarter to survive in my opinion
its funny how the rabbits get smart like that. We hunted a spot this year and jumped the same rabbit about four different times, and he lost the dogs the same way everytime. He would run across a slough, and up this pond levee, then circle the pond and get down in the slough again for a couple of yards and then run around the pond backwards again. Not sure why the dogs would loose him, but he figured out they would, and he kept doing it over and over. I know it had to be the same rabbit.
I run the same places quite of often due to time and being close to home. I find that they do get smarter as the season progresses. My dogs have small bells on their collars and i have seen where the rabbits hear it and break cover earlier because of it. They will run to ground quicker it seems at times. I really like this time of the year as it seems that they always get good races going especially on the bucks that dont want to hole and these are places that i have run heavily. I wish i had more local ground to run/hunt but i dont.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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