Running a Gyp that's Bred

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  1. mcstriad

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    I've heard mixed opinions on this and was wondering what you all thought. I have a gyp that's about 5 weeks pregnant and I've been running her regularly. I generally stop about 3 weeks before she's due, but have had several people tell me they run up to a few days before they're due. What do you all think?
  2. FB

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    I sure wouldnt say the other guys are wrong but I usually stop about the same time that you do.

  3. dbounds

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    Me too! Usually I stop about three weeks out.
  4. Ran my gyp last December on Saturday, she had puppies on Wed. Vet says that if you keep em running, it shouldn't hurt a thing. Its when you put em up and then try to run em too close that you get into trouble.
  5. Jeff Gammon

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    I usually stop running them about 3 weeks also
  6. huguejm

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    She will tell you when she has had enough. It's real good for her to run.

    Once she get's big let her solo a while. Keeps the blood pumping. She will be nice and strong and in shape when the pups come. She will be able to spit them pups out. Seems to help the milk too.

    Mitch Huguet
  7. NYJoe

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    I have practiced that running a pregnant female is ok....not too long though close to the due date and limit exercise within 2 weeks of due date to monitored walks just in case she happens to show signs of labor.

    stronger the dog hopefully better the chance for an easier deliver for the mother.

    good luck...

    joe t
  8. beagleman01

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    i run mine up to about 3 weeks also
  9. rosco

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    I Agree, she will let you know