runnin' wasnt too good this morning

Discussion in 'Rabbit Hunting and Beagling' started by FB, Dec 5, 2009.

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    Me and a buddy went to a reservoir outside of Searcy where we killed quite a few rabbits last year and gave it a try this morning.

    We only ended up with 3 rabbits for our efforts.

    I took two packs of dogs and neither one of em did anything to brag about. They just couldnt keep a race going very long for some reason. Theyd run it a few minutes then breakdown, then find again and break down again.

    I was blaming it on the heavy frost but it didnt get any better once it warmed up. I dont know what was wrong but if that had been my first time to hunt those dogs, I wouldnt have offered to buy any one of em. :pout:

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    NE AR
    The morning wasn't to good but I ended up with 5 this afternoon

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    Me and coach ran three packs and the first pack has some trouble but did OK...the next pack was better .....then ran the little puppies and ran one a couple of was hungry and we caught 3 of them and took them to the truck. Well you know what happened the other two started to run again and they were running great...of course they were both mine and I had to go run them down and carry them out.