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Runing conditions

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Do you have dogs that run better on dry ground.
and some better on snow than dry.
i would like one that could master it all.
and not have extra mouth due to the big nose
or is the extra mouth genetics?
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All of my dogs run better where there is cover to hold scent, they can run on dry ground but not as good, have never tried them on snow
I doubt if mine would do very well on snow either. Frost sure seems to mess em up sometimes.
I have 1 thats does well in the snow and 1 that struggles on snow as she has a bit hotter nose. :smack: On bare ground they both do well. :thumb:

John C, since you have snow dog knowlege can you help me figure this out? I hunted in Kansas/Missouri this past weekend in 5 inches of snow. My Willie dog who never opens his mouth until the rabbit is up and running jumped 90% of the rabbits and ran better than the rest of my dogs on the snow? I was shocked?
dbounds its been my experience that some types of snow seems to hold scent better than others. My female has a hot nose and she too will not open unless she is close to the jump where my male will cold track to the jump,but when the temps are warmer and the snow is sticky shes seems to have a much easier time on snow. Air temp.,humidity etc. all play a role in it but i would be lying to you if i told you i understood it all. :headscratch:
we went up north today -7 Deg. and -18 with the wind chill.
thats right 7 BELOW.
i always wondered what that would be like.
now i know.
but there was not any rabbits out.
i doubt i will be doing that again.
I bet they hold tight in those temps. Bet it would be tough to get a race going
Owl creek are you speaking of Mo. when you say up north? If you are i never realized it got that cold there. Its 18 here as i type and the wind is blowing steady and i bet wind chill is in the single digits but we expect to get that weather here. Jeff when it gets real cold here the cottontails do seem to hold real tight.
I am from north Arkansas and have never ran dogs north of here. It hardley ever gets in single digits here, much less below zero, but if it does I stay home
Yes, Norther Missouri up pretty close to the the Iowa border.
i live in south east missouri 80 miles south of ST.Louis.
it took us 4.5 hours to get up there.
my cousin has a farm leased for deer hunting. we went to get his camper.
and thought we would run dogs while we were there.
we had this planed for a month. he dont rabbit hunt but me another 2 cousin's and a uncle do.
i dident know it was going to get that cold.
it's been in the 20's and 30's. around here.
I didnt realize it got that cold there. That sounds like ny weather.
I'm planning on going hunting again Friday.Maybe we will find some.Who knows as cold as they are saying it is going to get they may all be froze to the ground.
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