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    Originally Posted by Bglenut
    Why would you not breed her back to a Blackcreek Male ?

    I need a couple more bc females. Maybe even 3 more.
    I figure if I breed my own I can start them keep the one I want and sale the rest.

    Get 3 good females the bring something else in.

    I have plenty of speed dogs right now I need some good spo medium speed , small dogs.

    That is the plan anyway. Give me some advice.

    I am tring to put together two different types of packs.

    Roco - When you get the akc papers in on your Blackcreek female(s) you need to order a pedigree either from AKC or from Beverly Behm (Certified Pedigree Service) 1-724-452-8588. I use Beverly because she is the best and has some of the best certificates and has quick service. Cheap too.

    Anyways = After you get your pedigrees in on your females. Look in the pedigree (you need at least 5 generation pedigree) to see what all hounds are in there and see how it is breed. Look for a Stud that yoy have seen run that has some of the same blood in his pedigree and breed a female to him.

    Knowing a pedigree of the hounds you have in your kennel and the pedigree of the Stud you use will help to know how the pups are surpose to turn out.

    I know your female is out od Buck, but what is the bottom side of the pedigree?
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    Thanks for takeing the time to share.
    The pedigree for thetop side is easy.

    The bottom side is more difficult.
    The bottom side is GTS Lone Alyssa.

    The breeder was Ronald J Rodrique.

    Kevin Moore and Bobby bryant got the dogs for my boy.
    Mr. Bobby was tired of watching Brandons hounds being picked up.

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    rosco, if you ever get the chance to talk to Kevin you want regret it. He is very helpful and informative on SPO style blackcreeks... He has seen them all and raised them for along time.
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    Kevin is a great guy. Brandon hangs close to him at the trials soaking up what he can.

    Brandon called Kevin the other night to talk dogs.
    I believe they both have a new friend.
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    Rosco, what class did you run in at homochitto's derby? Dont guess I met you there. I placed a big female and judged a class.
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    We ran a little female and a big male.

    We placed both dogs.

    In the truck.
    Brandon was the boy carring the white pup everywhere.

    We will be sure and hook up next time. We kinda stayed to the back as we are just starting to meet all the nice people.
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    Sounds good... I judged little males. Was the short younger fellow. Give me a shout next time. Derek Reno