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Roll Call

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We haven't had a roll call in quite a while. So I will start it off.
Rick Watkins Lynchburg, Tennessee
*8 dogs 5 reg and 3 grade blue ticks, tri-colors and reds
medium speed
6 females and 2 males
Buckshot Jones with Cranks Chicken and/or Otis
Weir Creek
Feed mostly Purina Green bag
Hunt private land mostly run dogs shot maybe one hunt per year
Garmin 100 & minis
Hunting Buddies Ronnie Burnett & Rance Lewis
Really enjoy the friendships made on this site, bonus is the annual hunt
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Steve Heurtin Amite, Louisiana 7 dogs- one male - seven yo 2 females - five yo 2 males and 2 females - two yo Older dogs are Skullfork/Blackcreek &Shorts. Four young dogs are out of one of my females outcrossed to Doc Holiday. Pleasure run mostly. Hunt in February after deer season. Still use Garmin Trashbreaker. Haven't made the leap to tracking system. YET馃槈 I have made it to all the Rabbitdog hunts except the first one. Enjoyed it every time and met some fine people!
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Brandon Smith, Edenton NC
8 grown dogs (2 grade you鈥檇 have to pry out of my cold dead hands) 3 pups started and running, 1 pup soon to be started, 1 pup picking up from gman10 next month, and two litters on the way. Liable to end up with 20 before the end of the year lol. Upper medium speed
5 femlaes, 8 males
Gunsmoke, Weir Creek, Gay
Pride 24/20 off-season Pride 30/20 in season
Hunt private land, me and JB like to kill a few rabbits.
Garmin Alpha 200 & 18 minis
Really enjoy the friendships made on this site, along with the knowledge this group of guys has to offer.
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Tim Meriweather
Bald knob, Arkansas
I鈥檓 running 8 males (7 akc/1 grade) at moment. Few pups coming up. Upper medium speed. Have some HBQ and TJrangers culls. Lol.
3 heavy Otis/controller bred, 1 Heavy white river(ukc champ) 2 kickem up Kane, 1 turbo by prop, grade male is out my old dogs that was buckshot bred. Still on hunt for great female breed few of mine too.
I pleasure run and have been to few trials for fun. Hunt mostly public river bottoms, some private with a lot of swampers and few cottons.
Run alpha 200i w/minis.
Met alot good folks ofF hunting sites like this one.
from around here close to few guys come hunt from kentucky with me.
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4 dogs, 6yo out of rising sun line, from Ohio, 2 out of ranger Dan from NY they are 3yo and 2yo, 1yo out of buckshot mr. Bill x with some 5 star Smokey in the mix. I hunt private and public land here in NY. It鈥檚 been getting more and more difficult to find some good hunting areas but we strive. Having young dogs I have to shoot a few rabbits to show them what they are chasing but I don鈥檛 usually like harvesting them, I wanna keep good runs going. I am a member of Souther NY beagle Club. I run the dogs with garmin alpha 200 with TT 15 minis. I feed Victor performance year round. Very happy with the product.
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Mack Cullins (Dry Creek Kennels Dry Creek Kennels ) Belvidere, Tennessee
I keep around 20 total dogs, all AKC registered. UBGF bloodlines, mainly Five Star Smokey and Star R. (Cocoa Bear)
I try to raise 3 litters a year and keep the little males and start them as that's the class I trial. I also have an old birddog I try to take a time or two a year to a hunting preserve.
I have fed Tops and Value Pack the past two or three years. Before that I fed Purina for 30 years.
I Hunt and run on public land. Since I started participating in AKC SPO field trials 12 years ago I only get to hunt about 6 times a season.
Garmin 100 & minis
Rabbitdogs.net is a great website for information sharing, selling dogs, and making friends.
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Rance Lewis )(AKA Jim)
Waleska Ga
2 registered females
Red Weir Creek and a tricolor with some ticking out of Scout.
Medium speed but a little on the slow side.
Alpha 100 Mini w/tt15 collars
Been doing this of and on since I was 12 years old (now 75) and still can't get enough. Love messing with puppies.
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Jeff Sherrer
Donalsonville GA
Generally keep 12 to 15 dogs but am guilty of having way more than that when i am fooling with pups
Run and hunt on public and private lands Been fooling around with SPO field trials for about 12 years but have owned and raised dogs for about 35 plus years Grandpa started me when i was a boy
I have Heavy Otis with Shorts Stubby and some Smokey blood mixed in
I run an Alpha 100 with tt15s and minis
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Phillip Mayhew
South Central VA
2 - 13" males
8 - 13" females
1 male puppy (probably go <13")
I run a SPO or a touch stronger pack and love the little dogs. Most are Bear/Flat Creek/Bullocks Creek/Shaker bred.
I am a gun hunter first and foremost and always will be but am getting more involved in trialing.
I have Garmin 100 & 200 with TT15mini's.
Feed The Pride 24/20 for years now. Long enough for it to go from $18/bag to $32/bag.
My wife and young son are very interested and involved too. Hoping he and his baby brother will fall right into it as I am.

Anybody in this area ever want to get up and listen to the dogs run shoot me a message! Hoping to get out to the rabbitdogs.net hunt next year and put some faces with names work and weather permitting!
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John Taylor, Arnaudville, La.

8 Adult Beagles
12 year old, female (Full littermate to FCGD Amite River E-Z Go
9 year old off of female above and Randomshot Fast Chopping Joe (Sire: Full littermate to Shorts Pro)
(2) 6 year old females Off of 12 year old female above and Sired by FCGD Mike's Bayou Current Little Joe
8 year old Female off of FCGD Five Star Smokey
4 year old male, Sire: FCGD FCGD Mike's Bayou Current Little Joe, Dam: Lewis Tuff-E-Nuff Fat Girl
2 Males, Sire: Otis bred and Dam: Mike's Bayou Current Black & Blue Velvet which is off of FCGD Cotton Country Black Zero, a son of FCGD Mike's Bayou Current Little Joe X Burma's Comet And Velvet's Dam is: NSPC FCGD Cruise On Sunshine
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Jason Denzer
North Freedom Wisconsin
1 15" tri color male 3yrs old
Ashridge Sandman x T&N Layla
Run private and the club grounds trial some
Had beagles on and off for 15 years had coonhounds for over 30
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Cornel Small(Cormel Smokin)
Marksville La
Usually keep to many but I love running and listening to my dogs. Mr. Henry Griffin and I hunt 3-4 times a year but run dogs together all the time. We will make a trial or two every year to see what we have but at the end of the day we feed what we like.
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Larry Barnard/ Southern Ohio. Skullfork / Weircreek bred dogs more specifically based on old Pon Run A-Train & Boggy Holler Buddie to create our own strain / line of dogs through a co -op of friends who have the same goal in mind & that is what we call the complete rabbit dog. I keep between 10 & 15 dogs including pups at any given time & still enjoy hunting and pleasure packing as well as traveling once in awhile to different areas to hunt different terrain and rabbits. I鈥檝e been blessed to hunt not only cottontail, but snow shoe hare, blue tail & the swampers of the Deep South. What I really have enjoyed is line breeding & the challenge of breeding, training our own line of dogs that suit us & preform acceptable in every phase of hunting. My dogs are on the high side of medium speed, hunt well with the ability to jump rabbits & not cause any headaches in the process lol. I鈥檒l some it up by saying they have to find game & account for it consistently wherever or whenever the opportunity comes. I haven鈥檛 participated in any type of field trial in close to 30 years. I鈥檝e attended 2 since 1994 & enjoyed the fellowship and meeting others , my advice don鈥檛 take them to seriously.
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Luke Long Eastern NC,
12 fully running dogs 3 pups
10 of which are registered
7 males 5 femals
Weir creek
Run 6 sometimes all the way up to 20 or better during season with my kennel partner
We kill right many here and there on all private land never hunted much public land
Dogtra pathfinder
The pure knowledge in this group is awesome met a lot of great folks on here!
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Jon Travis (t3beagles) west Ky. I keep 25 grown hounds. And have 10 pups right now. (Heavy Weir creek/boggy holler influenced hounds). I strive to have and keep them as pure as possible. I run n gun my hounds and pleasure run. 6.5 to 7 on foot speed. Brains, desire & ability to get it done today, tomorrow & the next .
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Jimmy Rushing
East Central Mississippi
15鈥 females of all different lineages
Upper medium speed that hunt and account for their rabbit.
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Reside in sw Indiana
Little did I know on my 11th bday in may of 1965 when my parents got me my first registered beagle that some 58 years later I鈥檇 still be just as Enthused now as the morning I received that little linesman/ fish creek pup. What a Journey it鈥檚 been Iv been Blessed being able to meet some of the great houndsmen and seeing some of the best hounds on the ground.
At present I have 13 females and nine males
Along with two litters of pups. One litter being 51/2 mo and the other 6 weeks Thanks to my friend Reddog and his fine program in helping me make this happen it鈥檚 been five years in the making of this cross.
Basically been line breeding since early 80s
Some of the late outcrosses iv used have been North Town Frosty x2 later his son Hitman also have used strongbow Chip off the block and strongbow Briarhill Buster to keep the hunt but add Confirmation. Like to say thanks for putting up with me I know at time I can be a little head strong lol. Dave
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That sounds like a great pack of hounds keep up the good work
That sounds like a great pack of hounds keep up the good work
Cookie monster
Corey Spangle northern Indiana
3 females that are medium speed. Ages are 4, 3, and 2. I need to thank BigK for the 2 youngest ones. I have been rabbit hunting for 30 years and have had at least one beagle for the last 19 years
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