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  1. Mark Egener

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    Sorry all, been awhile since I checked in.
    It's been interesting. If any remember I got a beagle in May.
    Had some health issues at first. Ear infections and tested positive for lysteria virus. Also had some allergy issues. Got all that squared away.
    Rocky has become a companion for dad and me. But is also a hunter. We worked hard on name reckognition , and recall, and it's paid off. Heat wave finally broke and got to run him last Sunday. Started out with a 30foot lead. Let him nose into underbrush a ways ,hit the tone button on the alpha tt115 mini, and he backtracked right back to me. I entered that day having little expectations, boy was I surprised! I'm convinced he was collar trained previously.
    So lead came off about 10 minutes in. We trounced around for a bit, passed multiple deer trails, he checked for scent and did not follow(yay), 4 wild turkeys crossed the path in front, he showed no interest( another yay). Eventually flushed a cotton tail and he was on it, into the thick stuff, out of eye sight. Let him run and I stood my ground. Worked the Garmin alpha 100 so I could get used to it(amazing btw) He stayed on it, lost the scent for about 15 seconds but was back on it. Ran it full circle twice. Let him run it for a good 40 minutes or so. Hit the tone button again and blew my training whistle , and he came off the trail and returned to my position.
    I am thrilled! For our first time out I'm ecstatic. Can't wait to get him out again
  2. Grizzly creek beagles

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    Keep taking him and feeding him tracks sounds like he will make you a nice dog

  3. marshall dillon

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    Sounds like he had a ruff start , but it sounds like he is going to be a good one .
  4. jhook04

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    Man that makes a trip doesn’t it! I don’t really get as excited about how they run a rabbit I’m just glad they mind me. I totally understand. Sounds like a perfect morning. Now stand your ground and keep it up. It only gets better.
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  5. mattdog

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    Sounds like you got just what you need in Rocky. Keep getting him on tracks. You’ll get to trusting him more and more. The Garmins are amazing. If he came off a hot track with just the tone I’d guess he has been worked with a collar before. I try not to make a habit of calling mine off a hot trail though, but there are times when it’s necessary.
  6. Mark Egener

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    I agree, won't make a habit of calling off a hot trail. But had to leave soon and wanted to see his response.
  7. 5 Solas

    5 Solas Well-Known Member

    That’s awesome man! I bet you guys are hooked now after that run!
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    [email protected] Well-Known Member

    Good for you Mark- now is the time to get another one- Glad its working out, keep giving him tracks.