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Rock Hills Blackcreek Molly

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She's just over 6 months old and is in the starting pen right now.

I dont know much about her yet but Im getting reports about once a week, some good, some bad.

The good is that she hunts hard but the bad is that she barks when she shouldnt. I sure hope she grows out of that. I dont mind one barking on a cold trail every now and then but if they lose the rabbit, I want em to shut up till they get it going again.
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good looking and I hope she runs as good as she looks
Rob's dog Tiggs is the sire and the dam is Rock Hill Blackcreek Shyann who is out of Briarcreek Major League and Griffin Searching Black Angel.

I should have updated this report on her but I forgot about it till just now.

Gary Ragsdale had her for a month and got her started and running for me. After the first week when we talked I was pretty disappointed and was wishin' I hadnt bought her. She wouldnt do nothin'. He said some dogs ran a rabbit right by her and he looked over at her and she was making a bed. Didnt care nothin' at all about any of it. He also said that once she finally got in a race all she did was bark.

Sometime after that first week it must have started clicking because the next week she was like a different dog. Hunting hard, running the line close and clean, and not much extra bark.

I took her out yesterday afternoon and ran her for the first time and I was pretty impressed, especially with her hunt.

I think Im gonna like her. :wink:
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those blackcreeks sure have a unique look!
Shes a pretty one there FB! I went today and met up with Gary and checked out his place! Looks like Rabbit Paradise up in his 40 acre fence! Gonna take sassy and delilah up there some time this week and get em going!
Sorry, but I already did and have regreted it several times since. :smack:

I liked everything about her except for her foot speed. She just couldnt quite keep up with my other dogs. I should have given her more of a chance to pick it up a little but I didnt. :smack:
Rob you have some of the best looking blackcreeks i have ever seen
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