Robs Diamond ii

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  1. rosco

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    If Robs Diamond strain is not blackcreek then what do we credit that strain to.

    2. Would they be a good cross to my blackcrddk female.
    I have RD male but I do not want to make the cros for convience sake.

    I was thinking it would be a good cross.:headscratch:
    I need a couple of quality female pumps.

    Dont worry about feelings I need your knowledge.
  2. I know there is exceptions with every bloodline but fc robs diamond II blood is known for tons of hunt, brains and good foot speed. Not only are they great trial dogs but excellent gundogs as well. It is one of the more well known bloodlines of today. I have a male out of fc inline blackjack (fc robs diamond II blood) and a robs diamond II female that hunts like he's on crack and and can really run a rabbit with good foot. That is an awesome bloodline to have in any pedigree and would be a great cross with anything!

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    I think Robbie Crossfield tried this for a while. Not really sure how this turned out for him
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    Thanks Rob,
    decisions, decisions ?
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    Thats some great looking pups Rob:up:
  6. thanks Hoot, watched you video you got some nice en`s to
  7. rosco

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    Rob looks like you have em tuned up
  8. huguejm

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    Shucks T-Boy,

    I'll buy the whole pack.

    How much and when will you send them.

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    You can go to and luck up Rob's Diamon II. He eventually goes back to Pearson Creek, but there is no signs of Blackcreek. It looks like he is predominantly Buzz Bomb bred.
  10. nutbush

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    Is there anyone on here that saw Rob's Diamond run? If so, how was he?
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    I liked the video Rob and those are good looking hounds too. I think what I liked best was the way they could bark at that rabbit. Good job.

  12. Thanks RKW. ROB~S DIAMOND II is not BLACKCREEK he goes back on top to Smiths Buzz Saw & on botton its some Deer Park Ike &CEdar Grove breeding acording to my ped