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    Seems like everybody got to have a problem with something or someone. I don't understand.
    Everyone got to be upset over something, got to have a CAUSE! This is happening in the Greatest Country on the face of the earth! America has some problems but America is NOT the problem. I would suggest to anyone Leave if you're not happy here! Life is too short to be miserable!! People get offended at the least thing, WIMPS!! I haven't had everything go as I wanted it to in my life but you know what I ain't crying and blaming everyone else for my mistakes and tough lessons I've had to learn. I wish some things were different but you know what they ain't so I move on. RELAX and enjoy this Great Country!!
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    couldnt have said it any better mitchell. matter of fact i cant think of to much that has went just like i wanted it to. maybe it’s shaping us to who we are supposed to be and not who we wanted to be. either way. it’s a beautiful journey. take time to breath and enjoy it. quit working them 60 to 80 hr weeks. (greed is the root of all evil.) lifes journey is so much more pleasant when you put the brakes on and take back control of your life.


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    Agree with both of you guys!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. My prayer is that with all this craziness going on that folks Will slow down, enjoy family and maybe just maybe consider God’s warning shots to humanity.
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    Good post and I agree , you get to wanting to feel sorry for yourself and pout and have you a little pitty party just look around I promise you’ll find a lot of people in worse shape .
    TJ your exactly right and it might just be he’s offering some final chances .
    Chris Stapleton has and awesome song called Simple Song sometimes I have to listen to it
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    I've been in many countries while in the army. I wish these protestors could live in any of them for just a week. They'd have an attitude adjustment when they got back to our shores. I knelt down and kissed the ground as I arrived in Oakland, thankful to be back in the greatest country by far anywhere. We as Americans are so fortunate to call this great country our home. Folks wake up, they're wanting to take our freedoms that generations have fought and died to keep.
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    Amen Mr Will.The past is just that,the past. Live for today for we know not what the future will be !
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    I agree!!!! I may be wrong..but I don't think so. It seems to me, except for a select few that most of the younger generation has went wrong somewhere!!! Most of them dont seem to want to get dirty...or afraid to work hard...there not patriotic it seems...they go along with anything that makes someone happy even of it's wrong or immoral. Idk...maybe its me.....but it sure seems that way. I'm not trying to offend anybody it's just that it seems to be that way.
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    You said it right jimmiedennis.
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    I agree fully a lot of the problem is the greed the parents had. They worked all the time and couldn’t or didn’t spend any time with there kids. Years ago whe I worked in the mobile home plants, you wanted folks from the country not town as a partner or hand under you. Why? Because they would and knew how to work. That was in late 80s. In 1997 I went to a town 50 miles to the north of where I grew up it was a bigger town and most of the people there couldn’t even read a tape and some couldn’t even drive a nail. Why? There parents never taught them. Now I’m a simple country boy.... but we learned that at a very young age.... I worked on the road when my boys was young but when the oldest one turned 7 I took a $20,000 a year cut so I could be home more with my boys. The last 6 months I was on the road I was home 6 weekends. Now I still travel some but not near as much and think I’ve made a difference in how these young men have turned out. I personally believe the more time you spend with them the better they’ll turn out. Not all the time has to be doing stuff they want to do. You have to make them work and show them how they’ll thank you for it later. Then they can get by when there on there on not standing with there hand out...... sorry for the long rant... jmo
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    EXACTLY there is more to raising children than making them happy when they really have no clue what real happiness is.
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    Funny you bought up the tape measure most younger people don’t know how read one ... I taught my kids at age of 8 how read a tape measure I do woodworking during my free time .... I had kid 10 years ago come into my work place he was general worker/Part packer...I’m a machinist , anyways he needed a board to fit inside a box I sent him back in back part of shop to cut a 2x6 24” long dead on spot . He bought board back to me it didn’t fit it was too long just by a nudge . I asked him measure it out for me he said ‘ 24” and 3 little lines” ... I cracked up so hard he was dead serious too , later that day I taught him how to read a tape measure , along with micrometers and dial calipers , inside micrometers and depth micrometers (it was like taking a big kid back to preschool to learn, but he got it) .... today ! He advance himself up to Quality control person he checks parts precisely before we ship them to customers .... he thanked me for teaching him , I still mess around with him from time to time cut board and write on it ‘ 24” and 3 little lines”
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    Yep I was a work leader - supervisor and had a guy calling out crown measurements to the guy cutting it and he said 47”3/4 and 2 marks. I called him outside and said man I thought you could read a dang tape what is going on. He told me I can but he can’t he knows the 1/4 marks and I ain’t got time to beat it in his head. Where do y’all find these idiots. Couldn’t argue with that. Lol

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    You guys are right on spot. We can’t blame the kids if WE don’t take the time to teach them. This goes for everything from work ethics, balancing a checkbook, respect for others, and most importantly reading and understanding the word. As Christ told us the 2 most important things in life are Loving God and Loving Others.
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    I happen to frame for a living, we have tape trouble constantly, the younger these boys are the worse. It takes a village to raise a child, we know our neighbors,we know the kids, can't we the Americans of today held to change the future generations, this country is in dark times, Christian people have what it takes, let your light shine on the neighbors kids. Lets together make America great again.
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    The people unhappy with America have never been outside the USA. familiarty breeds discontentment. in most cases having too much has created boredom---idle mind is devils workshop
    ALL PEOPLE should be forced into military service or work force that go to other countries and help the people. let them get a taste of reality. see what other people have---THEN THEY CAN COMPLAIN
  17. Grizzly creek beagles

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    Entitlement, nowadays most people act like everyone else in the country owes them something. (An entitled society!!) Manual jobs and lower starting pay wages are beneath them. They deserve the good jobs and top pay right out the gate. Not many seem to be willing to get in a career field and work their way up anymore.
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  19. Your right on I do love the freedom of speech. But unfortunately there a lot of people think they have to have an opinion on everything. And say something bout everything don’t think that’s what our fore fathers were talking about. JMO.
  20. Your right Grizz I was in the mining industry for 15 years lost my job and had to start all over in the auto industry. I felt like a fish out of water but it had to be done. I’ve always said when a person reaches 18 we start out all the same life begins in the real world hard work never killed anyone. And we’re all not gonna be millionaires. Just keep your nose on the grindstone and keep diggin.