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  1. I recently purchased a 4 year male that is by far an excellent running dog. I have never field trialed before so not sure what he would do there. He is a direct son of FC Postoak Little Nip Otis and a grandson on dam side to FC Shorts Pro. He has an excellent mouth and handles like a champ (to me). My question is that I was thinking because of his bloodline and running abilities that I could offer him as stud dog. What do I need to do to promote the dog, is there a market really for stud services for a bloodline like his, and what health criteria must be met by male and female before getting started?
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    I may be treading on thin ice here but I hope this comes off as constructive information to you. In today's beagle world if you don't have the FC title in front of your hounds name, you are probably not going to get much business from anywhere outside your circle of friends. People put so much into the fact that they are going to breed to some one's Field Champion instead of thinking that there are some hounds out there that are as good as the FCs if not better only their owners never trialed them.

    There is no real money in the stud dog business when you consider the fact that you will be constantly called in the middle of the night, weekends, in the middle of your grand kids/kids baseball games by people wanting to ask a million questions with no intentions of using your hound. You will be out gas money going back and forth to the vet for Brucellosis tests and will be taking care of other folks hounds till they get around to coming to pick them up.

    Need I go on? I never advertised my little male after he finished because I knew what would be in store if I did and I still had other things to do besides nurse maid other people's hounds for a minimal return. I think you get the picture and I believe word of mouth is the way to go and if your little hound is good enough for you don't worry about what other people think. Breed him at home and drop his offspring into some trials later.


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    James gave you some great info.

    Mosy people like breeding to FC studs, but there are a lot that will breed to a good male that is FC or Not.

    As long as this male suits you that is all the matters. You are the one that feeds him.

    Take him out to a Field Trial and see what he will do.

    Here is a site that has list of AKC trials. DSBGF Calendar.htm

    www.espomagazine is another site to look at if you want too.

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  4. Very good information, not taken wrong. I do think you have very valid points. I really would like to head in the direction of a female or two to produce some pups for trialing. I sure don't want to jump into that yet without some more setup around my place. I do see it happening soon though.