We have male pups off three different litters up for sale.
Litter 1
FCGD Rapid Run Big Blue Boogie x Cadalac female
4 males up for grabs third pedigree $300 each
These should all go at least 14” and have great foot with superior nose and flow

Litter two
2 males $250 each
Bushwacker/old hatchie male x blackcreek gyp these should be full 15” dogs with serious foot, hunt and nose
A third male is a runt and would let him go for $100 is someone wanted to chance it

litter three
One male off of the first and second pedigrees should be full size full of hunt and good foot $250

may work on price if someone wants more than one puppy 3188717149 for contact or(318) 461-1207