Ranger kills 10-inch beagle in park

Discussion in 'The Tailgate' started by FB, Feb 28, 2010.

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    aint right!!!!!:censored::down:

  2. Kevin Manes, you poor man. This crap ain't right. Wonder how that ranger would like it if his wifes cat was in my yard chasing my kids around, so I had to shoot it, all because they were "hemmed up", This really makes me mad.:censored: I just wonder who we could write to?
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    That is one I would fight for sure
  4. what a bunch of bull and i agree this one i would fight
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    This crap wouldn't be over till the officer lost his job and restitution was made. You can't get the dog back and I don't care what statute they quote he was in the wrong and no way will a court agree that a 10" BEAGLE had a deer of any size hemmed up. This is one time when the guy should contact the Animal Rights group and let them fight in his favor which in this case I think they would. They do have the money, lawyers and politics to get something done. Nothing galls me more than an overbearing, arrogant SOB in an authoritative position. This is also something that needs to be brought to the publics attention not just this board. Just my thoughts.

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    I just noticed the words in the statute that was cited " destroyed if neccessary " and this was not neccessary at all. Did you guys read some of the remarks from the public under the article? Most are just like us but there are a few that were so far out there and wrong minded it is pitiful. Those idiots are the kind that our government wants to listen to instead of us. They have the right to their opinion but they make me sick.

  7. yeah, i live here in the harrison area and the town is abuzz with talk of this...sounds to me like a trigger-happy park ranger, but i guess everybody wants to be a hero..what a jerk. big time dog killer. takes alot of guts to be a ranger i guess:down:...i spent 2 years in iraq and me and my boys had plenty of oppertunities to take action if "absolutely neccassary"...but instead, whenever possible, we found a way to diffuse the situation without gunfire, and this big-time park ranger felt it neccassary to kill this poor dog?!:headscratch: wow, someone give this guy a medal!.....plus, the deer are so stinkin thick around here we are starting to see them closer and closer to harrison city limits ever week. they NEED to be thinned out anyway.
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    If that Ranger does not loose his job something is very wrong look at the statements every body has made about this, but iam sure he is protected by some kind of B.S. law that will keep him packing his pistol to do something else stupid.
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    Western Md
    I am sorry BUT I believe the Ranger could have handled this situation a WHOLE lot better. He would have to have seen the collar and known that it was not a STRAY. If indeed this was a pet, and I belive it was ,he could have got off his A^&^&$:censored: and called the dog to him. A littlle 10" Beagle is not toooooooo much of a threat to a grown man.

    Sorry for the outrage this "Shoot 1st " Mentallity of officers is getting out of hand. He should loose his JOB!!!!:down:

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    One word IDIOT!!.That sys it all:down:
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    If it had been me that owned the 10 inch beagle, i would have demanded the ranger write me a citation of what happened. Ok, now i have on paper the reason the ranger shot the dog, the reason being the beagle had the deer hemmed up. Now i would have taken that to court and the jury would have thrown the case out after the lawyer convinced them their is no way a deer can be hemmed up when their is no fences present. Next thing i would do is take him to court and he would pay. As it stands now the owner of the beagle has no written proof of what took place. The ranger is supposed to make a written report (incident report) of what happened, but i if the park thinks they will be sued they will go back and re-write the incident report. It will probably read "officer had to shoot dog because he was being attacked by dog. The ranger was actually covering himself when he told the dog owner he wouldn't write him a citation and the dog owner fell for it.
  12. they say that the ranger was off duty and hog hunting and now he is in kentucky
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    Even though a law officer is off duty, if he see's what he might think is a crime going down he has the authority to act as if he is on duty. Not trying to take up for the park ranger but just because he was off duty don't mean anything in a court of law.
  14. he just don't like running dogs
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    excuse my speach but that sucks :censored:
  16. The said fact is this; when the Game and Fish stopped charging for dog license they were taking the first steps in limiting the rights of dog owners. Since that time the no dog zones for deer have exploded. This limited where I can Rabbit hunt when deer season is in. Now they limit the spring running for the benifit of turkey. I have even heard game officials comment that there is not enough revenue generated by small game hunters to justify them having any rights. I guess deer ,turkey and ducks is all our state officials are concerned with. I see the story as a warning to those who don't hunt the "right" game. It may have been a personal agenda on the part of the Ranger but it is symptomatic of a larger issue.
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    I found this opinion on another website, some of you may have seen it. This is one of the most repulsive and biasly wrong minded opinions I've seen.

    I see this in a different way ........ keep your dog's on your property, bottom line. If you don't, expect it to be shot and killed.
    Look, I don't expect any of you to want my dog on your property digging up your flower beds, tearing through your trash, chasing your animals, eating your cat's food, and a thousand other things dog's do ...... and I don't expect you to be real nice about having to deal with my dog all the time. If my dog comes to your place - you've got every right in the world to shoot it and kill it.
    Its MY DOG - I've got a huge responsibility to keep it on my place.
    So too did the man in this article have a respoinsibility to his beagle and he failed. beagles are stupid dogs - I love 'em, but they're dumb and that dog no doubt was running something. Should the ranger have shot it? I don't know the entire story, but with so many people letting their dogs do whatever they want to anymore, I'm all for support of the ranger on this one..........END.

    I'm pretty sure that a Beagle may have a higher IQ than this guy. Where do these ideas come from? I don't want my animal bother anyone's person or property and do everything I can to control them. I do not however have the right to kill an animal that is not a personal threat to me. I speak from experience having had my lab shot with a crossbow while she was following me on my horse when riding through the woods. I noticed she wasn't with me so I called out to her and she came slowly dragging toward me with an arrow sticking from the top of her back. She is the sweetest mannered, loving dog anyone could ask for and a friend to anyone she meets. The angle of the arrow proved that she was looking at whoever shot her and knowing her she was wagging her tail when she was shot. I picked her up placed her on my horse and road 1/2 mile to my house then drove 30 miles to my Vet and helped him do the surgury needed to remove the arrow. Lucky that it missed the vitals. I can honestly say that it was good for me that I couldn't get my hands on the sorry SOB that shot her right at that moment.

    So you can see that I would have a very personal dislike for anyone who would say it's ok to shoot your dog if it gets on your property. Catch the dog and call the owner or even the warden or sheriff if you deem it neccessary but do not shoot the dog.

    This is my opinion and I mean every word of it.

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    I HERE YA RKW tell it like it is,and you know what else, my Dad tought me a long time ago something very important about a dog yes you mite say ahh its just an ol dog but , a dog has FEELINGS TOO!!! can I GET AN AMEN!!
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    Absolutely, AMEN