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Discussion in 'Rabbit Hunting and Beagling' started by RKW, Apr 19, 2010.

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    Well I turned 3 of them out on a big ole cottontail at 6: 00 and picked them up about 7:15 after a decent race. I saw this rabbit and put them right where it went into the thicket. They smelled that rabbit before I let them out of the box because when they hit the ground they were opening on his trail. They have been up for a while and I could tell they were starting to get hot from the hassleing they were doing after about 45 minutes so I decided to catch them when they circled back. That little run did them some good. It was still daylight of course but man those danged buffalo gnats were tearing my tail up so next time I go I'll take my thermocell with me. I will go at night too so it will be a little cooler. They need to get back in shape so some short races should fit the bill a few more times. Have you guys been running?

  2. i'm glad you are back to running your dogs

  3. RKW

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    Thanks Keith, Me too.

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    weather is still pretty nice up here in Kansas so we have been running in the mornings from sun up to around noon for me. Ran all day a week ago but the hounds got a little hot by 2 or so. Rabbits have been breeding so if you get on a big buck he will run some huge circles, the doe is just the opposite the hounds cant hardly smell them when they have little ones so its less than spectacular when on a doe. We are still running 3 days a week at the minimum. come june we will slow down and only run from sun up to about 9am, then july and august we will barely run at all. By 8 am the heat and humidity mixed with all the tall thick weeds will make it very tough on the hounds.
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    Today is the first rain i have had in at least two and a half weeks or more. After it get's dry and their is very little dew i just leave mine up till it rains again. But now i will start taking them every morning to run till it start's getting to dry again.
  6. i have been running my pup (4 months old today)almost every morning before work..i have this small spot...where 4 rabbits live!!!...and i just take her in the mornings and she is running them 4 rabbits all over the place!!!...i am like salzer mnt...it is real dry here also...so the early morning dew is my best friend!!!...i have been running my other young hounds about once a week...and oh yeah...i ran my pup (gypsy)...yesterday morning...and i mean this little pup was bloodied up like an old dog!!!...this old rabbit run her through the mill...i was watching this rabbit and it was really just trying its hardest to put her into places she couldnt go!!!...and i was wondering if she could get through it myself!!!...but she tore right through it...she obviously had to slow down...but she kept that line moving right on through it!!!!
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    Ive been running late in the afternoon its been tough a few days but Im trying to get a few derbies accustomed to the heat before the runoffs get here. Im just about ready for a all nighter.
  8. got rain today and tonight...should be a real good morning!!!...i am taking my pup...two young hounds...and one power house fast little female...it should be a good one!!!!
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    Good to hear you running.
    We are running at night down here also.

    A ton off "off" is required in our swamps.
    Killed 2 snakes
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    I use a thermocell for mosquitoes and it really works but you do have to
    stay in one place to give it a chance to run the bugs off. I'm sure it won't work on snakes though. lol

  11. i wondered if those things really worked..(thermocell)...i may have to have one of those ...for deer hunting!!!