Ran a Big Ole Swamper this Morning

Discussion in 'Rabbit Hunting and Beagling' started by RKW, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. RKW

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    I just caught my dogs off a big swamper at 12:15 pm. They jumped that rascal almost as soon as they hit the ground at 10:30 am. and he circled like cottontail for about 3 rounds then he would kind of come and go in a much larger pattern. They didn't want to quit when I stopped them but it was starting to get a little warm at least on me. I started not to catch them because I saw the rabbit cross into the creek bottom that joins my property and I really wanted to listen to them run in those open woods with no thickets.

    I'll tell what I have really had a good time running the dogs this season and been blessed to have plenty of rabbits to chase. I even saw a rabbit scammpering out of the thicket where the dogs were running that they were not after. I do all of my hunting on the outside so when I see extra rabbits this is very good.

    I hope all of you fellows have had a great season and continue to have good running.

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    Yep had a good season ,have bought 3 new dogs in the last 3 weeks trying to go in a different direction in the coming years and so far i am pretty well pleased with what i am seeing ran a rabbit Monday:thumb: a.m. for 1 50 minutes man thats good for me, my old dogs done real good to stick him for an hour generally is was about half that so you can understand my excitement

  3. Man Roger, thats awesome. You seem to have alot of swampers around there. All I have around my hhouse is a house cat. And they will run the crap out of it too. :D
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    I've heard tell of some excellent cat races. I am very fortunate to have as many rabbits to run both Cottontail and Swampers right here on my place. Maybe someday I can build a good rabbit fence around 40 to 60 acres of it. I'm going to do my best to enhance it for running rabbits as much as I can and as the money and time permits.

    See I look at it like this. I may not be able to squirrel or coon hunt as much as I used to someday but I can certainly sit in a lawn chair and listen to the dogs run and since I already know how much I like it this is a no brainer for me.