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  1. anyone know where i can buy some cottantails I would like to purchase some for training purposes.
  2. beagleman01

    beagleman01 Active Member

    if u find let me know would like to purchase some also

  3. jknikki

    jknikki New Member

    San Juans

    I have some San Juans. One of my females had 8 a month ago.[/B]
  4. What the asking price on your San Juans rabbits......how are them two pups doing jknikki
  5. FB

    FB Administrator Staff Member

    Have you got an experienced buck that youd sell?

    Ive got some rabbits that called knotheads but I need a different buck or something because the one I have isnt gettin' the job done.
  6. how does a san Juan compare to a wild rabbit
  7. jknikki

    jknikki New Member

    looks just like a cottontail with the exception of a tamer rabbit not wild. My San Juans work well for puppy training. Hey keith , those pups are really coming on....fun to watch them open up on those wabbits in my pen.
  8. Jeff Gammon

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    Will the san juan rabbits live on the ground. I am wanting to build a small pen just to expose the pups to rabbits and was wandering if a tame rabbit could live in there. The only tame rabbits I had I kept them in a hutch off of the ground. I'm not wanting the rabbits to raise just live on the ground
  9. FB

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    Have you got a buck that youd sell that is a proven breeder?
  10. jknikki

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    right now I only have 2 proven bucks. Call Percy Cummins from N Little Rock. I bought 3 from him last fall[ nice guy].1-318-355-3453
  11. cgraham

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    Yes , I have had 2 in a 12 foot round pen on the ground for a couple of years. It works great for pups. They will run when the pups get close to the pen. It just takes a few times and the pups are barking at them. I have raised and trained pups for 25 years and this is the best thing I have done. When I start taking my pups in the wild they usually start running with just 2 or 3 trips.
  12. FB

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    Thanks. Ill give him a call.
  13. i have some smokey mountain cottontails.. There about 5 weeks old 8 dollars a piece.. 2702564848
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    how far are u from se missouri
  15. GRITS

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    I have 2 san juan bucks I need some does if anybody has any for call 580-212-9948 please!!!!
  16. GRITS

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    Do you have any san juan does? I need to find some does for breeding stock. Im not very far from you jus right across the border. If you have any please give me a call at 580-212-9948 Thanks