rabbits rabbits rabbits...video

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by blubeagle, Apr 10, 2010.

  1. anybody watched this yet???...what about it???

  2. daveh

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    nice. that will work:up:
  3. thanks!!...where is everybody??
  4. rebelbeagle

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    them are some chases is that the WMA land.:D
  5. RKW

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    Nice video Blubeagle and beautiful countryside. I listened close and thought I picked up a faint gobble in the background too!

  6. yep...wma public land...the rabbits get thinned out quick when the shooting starts...but good running now!!..i do love to eat rabbit!...but i am a firm believer in lets leave a BUNCH to just run our dogs!!!!!...i just love to hear and watch the hounds!!!...wish we all thought that way!!!...LOL
  7. they were gobbling all around me...at a good distance...but i could hear them...wasnt really what i was trying to pay my attention to though!!!...LOL LOL
  8. thanks man...i thought they were pretty good!!
  9. nice videos and that is some good looking countryside
  11. John Taylor

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    Enjoyed the videos!! Sure is beautiful country side. I would love to own that old farm site and hill top. Even though the cover isn't thick rabbits seem to be plentiful. Guess it may be one of the areas of the country that coyotes haven't discovered yet.:headscratch::headscratch:

  12. thanks man...yeah it is some pretty good hunting!!!