rabbit recipes

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  1. i've done it a few different ways...soaking the meat in salt water overnight,then breading and frying...i'd like to hear everybody elses techniques
  2. beagleman01

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    soak it slow fri it smooter in gravey

  3. Bglenut

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    Cut it in strips and tenderize it - soak in water over nite - fry t up - right after pulling it out of the frying pan sprinkle a little SUGAR all over the pieces.

  4. FB

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    Soaked in salt water and fried in an electric skillet slowly is hard to beat.

    I also will sometimes put it in a crock pot with a couple of packages of brown gravy mix till it falls off the bone, then serve it over rice.

    Thats pretty good too.
  5. I've always pan fried it and made garvy with the drippings. How ever My buddy and I always do a big wild game cook out every year after everything clses and this year i marinated some in like a bbq sauce kind abrine and then smoked it in hickory and applewood smoke. baste a lil bbq sauce on after and it was amazing something i kinda dreamt up I only got one piece everyone else devoured it when i pulled it off the smoker
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    After I soak it , power boil it in a pressure cooker, take it out marinade it and put it on the grill, cook until it turns brown . then eat goooood..
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    after you soak a few days cut up in chuncks and stir fry. mmmmmmmmm
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    A friend of mine showed me a good way to get all the blood out of the meat. Put the cleaned rabbits in a cooler packed in ice. Open the drain plug every day and let the bloody water drain out. Do this for 5 days. The meat is very white looking with no blood left in it. Then you can freeze it or cook it. If the meat is clean and well prepared there is no bad way to cook it.