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Rabbit cleaning 101...a must see

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i seen this on the Tab board.
thought yall might like to see it.
i was amazed.

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Thats alot easier and simpler than the way I do it. Thanks for posting the link
your welcome.
i have never seen anything like that.
pretty cool.
hope i get to try it out in the mornin.
It works great thats the way I have done it since I seen it done
Ok we got rained out gona try it again in the mornin.
but we did find a new spot so it was not a wasted trip.
I will try that next time...looks alot easier.
Need to keep this toward the front so I don't forget to try it.
:thumb:I saw this last year on the american beagler board and it is the only way to clean a rabbit.Cleaned every rabbit we killed last year using this method,guys that havent tried it,after this you wont do it any other way. good post
LOL i tyred it on one and something was not right becauls i blew stuff every where.
Cuzz said i did not twist it right.
i told him he could try the next one.
and he told me he was just the triger man.:headscratch:

any tips boys? ..on the cleaning part.
I seen this video last rabbit hunting season and tried it. It works just like it looks. It is alot easier if you do it not long after you shoot the rabbits. If you wait a while, it is a little bit tougher.
bored at work and reading old posts.......really wish i could watch videos at work lol
Links not working for me. Says error 404
This post is from 2009 which is more than likely the reason it doesn't work
I saw that 4 years ago and have been cleaning them that way ever since. Your hands and the carcas stay cleaner. And your left with a little pouch to put in the crook of a tree so the dogs dont get at it.

I used to hate cleaning rabbits because of the mess and the stink. But thats not a problem now.

Only thing when you clean one this way you don't get to check the liver for spots unless you open the little pouch up and look.
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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