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  1. beaglechase

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    I have a 10month old bluetick that is in her first cycle for the last two days and I check her today, and she is protruding out of her sex organ, anybody ever experience this and then what do you do?
  2. Jeff Gammon

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    I have heard of it, but have never seen it myself. I have heard some people say after the first heat cycle its not as likley to happen again, but if she was mine I would take her to the vet or at least call him Monday

  3. salzer mtn

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    I 've had them to do this and the womb would come out as long as your finger. The best thing to do is keep it clean and as they go out of heat it will dry back in.
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    you feel that she needs to be spayed?
  5. we had a female do that the vet called it a prolasp she told us that the female was producing to much estregen we cleaned her with saline and kept it lubricated with ky jelly the vet told us that if she prolasped again on her next heat cycle then we should breed her and that should get her hormones lined back out hope this helps and good luck with her.
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    Go to they have a listing called ask the vet. Tell him your prob. and he will give you some info. Hope this helps:up: