Python cattle tags

Discussion in 'Beagle Health' started by FB, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. FB

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    Ive read alot about these on the ESPO site and others and I think Im gonna get some today and try em but I didnt see anyone say whether or not you use the whole tag or cut it in half.

    It seems like one big enough for a cow would be way too much for a dog but I wanted to check with some of yall that have used em and see how you did it.
  2. cdp

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    rap the whole tag around the collar and zip tie it in place. i use the purple cattle tags and seven dust with no problems

  3. FB

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    I went to two different places and both of em were out of the purple tags so I bought the orange ones. I hope theyll work but I have my doubts. I thought youd be able to smell the chemicals but I couldnt smell anything on em.

    I didnt know what to do at the time so I took a razor blade and cut the top off the tags then cut two slits in em and slid em over the collar.

    Ill let yall know in a few days if they worked for me or not.
  4. Larry

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    If these tags keep the skeeters off let me know. I know they work to keep flies off cattle, they should keep skeeters off also. By the way Mollie has picked up quite a bit of foot. Ran her last Sat. morn and she ran the front some and handled the checks real well.
  5. FB I used the Purple Python tags last year with good success. I had one dog have a reaction to the tag and broke out in a rash around her neck so I quit using them on her but the other dogs did fine. I checked at the TSC in Russellville last week and they were out also.
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    i bought the orange ones from TSC as well. i also had the same question about how much of it to use, and everyone told me to use the whole thing. i trimmed the edges and cut a little off the top. i'm with you, if 1 tag is potent enough to treat a 1000 pound cow, i would think the dosage would be too much for a 20 pound dog.
  7. FB

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    So far they seem to be working for flies and mosquitoes too.

    I knew I shouldnt have gotten rid of that dog. :smack:

    Naw, Im glad to hear it but I have to admit that Ive regretted getting rid of her a few times.
  8. I've went this route as well. I bought the purple tags at tsc, put an s hook through the tag and hung it on the dogs collar. 24 hours later there is not a tick to be found on any of my dogs. And they were pretty rough before. Thanks for the idea yall. FB, how is it working out half a tag and placed on the collar as you did? Not really crazy about the way they hang down so far, looks like my dogs have a scrotum under their chin. :smack: Also, think it will hurt anything with the kids playing with the dogs?
  9. Been just about a month and they seem to be working great. I may be crazy, but it seems like its kept them out of the yard as well. Maybe the ticks aren't as bad as they normally are this year? Just curious, anyone have any idea how long they should last?
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    I cut the end that staples to the cows ear off, then I cut two slits in mine and ran the collar through them. I run in some very thick stuff and have not lost any. Also, since the first week I have not found a tick on mine.
  11. FB

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    Sorry for not responding sooner blevins but I didnt see the question you asked me till just now.

    I tried the half tags with the orange ones and they seemed to work OK but they didnt last very long and they didnt seem to do much for flies and mosquitos. I bought some of the purple tags and I also bought the applicator. I doubled the tag over and slipped the collar through the center and theyre working good. I havent seen any ticks or fleas and they seem to at least help with flies and mosquitos.
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    Will those cattle tag's work on a runner.
    I have my dog's on 50 ft runner's.I'm wondering if i could attach it right at the bottom of the pulley, or tree to tree. :headscratch::
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    Can you post the link for the cattlle tag's on the espo site THANKS:D
  14. I do the same thing with good success!:up:
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    Cattle tags

    Is this the correct box the purple tags come in thanks.
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    Thank's Im all on it. Like a bad habbit:up:
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    hey guys what dose a box of these tags run?
  18. HunterMS

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    I paid $40.00 for a box of 20, but I think they have gone up to $45.00 since i bought mine.