Putting a face with a name.

Discussion in 'The Tailgate' started by RHowell, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. I went to the Mid Ark Beagle Trial today at Ed Gordon and met some people on this site. RKW, Crossroads, FB, and Crofford. It was good visiting with all of you. I wish I could of stayed longer and saw how the trial ended but I had to get my son back to town for a Birthday party. I enjoyed it! Thanks everyone!
  2. I went to the mid ark beagle trail meet aot of nice people . And it was good to put names with some faces. RHowell,RKW,Cgraham,spini boys It was a pleasure to meet ya'll and always fun to hang out with FB and Crofford. GREAT TIME

  3. I'm jealous. This sounds like alot of fun, and I wanted to go really bad. Maybe next time.:banghead:
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    Went to the trial at ED gorman yesterday, My brother and I had a great time, Met some really good people and got to see who I am talking to on the site. It was a lot of fun and was good to meet you guys.
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    I really enjoyed meeting the people we visit with on here everyday as well. I wanted to find the clubhouse and watch the hounds too but most of all I was hoping to put faces on you fellows that have become my rabbit dog friends. I met RHowell, FB, Crossroads, Crofford,Spini boys, and Cgraham along with a host of new friends that participated that I hope become new members on here. I want to mention Mr. Harwick who I am told is a legend in the rabbit dog world for that area.


  6. Well, this thing called work got in the way. :banghead:
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    I can understand that. It won't be much longer and work is going to get in my way too! Maybe next time.

  8. Where was you at today roger we miss you we had some good time

    cgraham it was pleasure to meet your brother yesterday
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    Keith, I was pooped when I got home. I had stayed up too late Friday night then got up early Saturday morning to drive up there. It just caught up with me and I'm no spring chicken anymore. Next time I'll get a motel room. I wanted to come back today but I knew that wasn't going to happen. I really enjoyed meeting you guys and that was worth the trip for me!

  10. Missi and I really enjoyed meeting evryone Sunday... sorry we could not make it Saturday but my work got in the way... hope to have an oppertunity to do it again soon.

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    Just got home from the trial about 8pm. We had a great time down there in thorn country:D. What a beautifull state, the trip home was nice and my boy was awake and finaly got to see your mountains. We stopped at a truck stop on 71 hwy. and he got a plastic red razerback that goes on your head, now whats that all about?:D Hope you guys keep it going we would love to come back sometime. Congradulations to all who placed. It was nice to see who I am talking to.
    You all come to Kansas sometime and we can do some hunting in the fall or winter. We are hoping to have a Pack State and Regional weakend in spring of 2011. We are having a Brace State and Regional in October this year, dispite what you may think, the same hounds run in both and in a brace you can see some real nice hound work.
    Thanks again it was a great weekend.
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    I enjoyed meeting all of you guys to. Hopefully we will all be able to get togeather again soon. I know we will have some more trials this fall and hopefully I will see you guys there, but maybe we can get togeather and run some dogs between now and then.
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    I met a lot of folks this weekend and wish I could have had more time to visit with some of em.

    I tried to tell some of yall that the visitin' was just as much if not more fun than the actual trial. :thumb: