pups are growing

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by Preacher Wilson, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. hitting a growth spurt lately...they'll be 4 months old this weekend
  2. they sure have growed you got them on any rabbits yet

  3. RKW

    RKW Active Member

    Preacher those are some nice looking pups right there. Good luck with them. They look like they are ready for rabbits.

  4. very nice pups...got them doing anything yet???...LOL...very nice pups!!!
  5. rebelbeagle

    rebelbeagle New Member

    Good looking pups preacher.:wink:
  6. i havent taken them out to find any live rabbits yet. but, they'll trail a line made by a rabbit hide from here to missouri though!:D i'm hoping i can take them out to my dad's place to sniff around this weekend. i'll let ya'll know how it goes.
  7. got to get them something to sniff out!!...LOL...looks like they are ready!!!
  8. Jeff Gammon

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    Pretty pups Preacher
  9. rosco

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    they make a pretty pair.
  10. bterry

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    thats a good looking pair of pups.
  11. beagleman01

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    just like kids grow up fast
  12. Impressed with these pups every time that I see them. :D
  13. so...how they doing?????????
  14. well, saturday, it rained like crazy and even hailed a little. but as soon as it let up i took them out, the ground was so wet and we didnt jump a thing. we werent out there 20 minutes and here come the rain again...aggravating. i think all the bunnies were cozied up in their nests where i should have been:D.......but, their day is coming soon....
  15. daveh

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    great looking hounds:up: