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    Has any one heard of this bloodline I bought a dog off a man who said she went back to Pro and i think i have heard of the name FC Shorts Pro before,she hunts pretty good and runs a decent line just a little to much mouth when it is cold you know,
    PS I am green at this bloodline stuff.
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    you should find some infor on pro at espo.
    the guys at beagleforsaleonline are proud of the pro bloodline.

    If his only fault is to much mouth when its cold send him to me in Alabama

    We "normally" dont get a lot of cold. Your dog would do great here.

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    Thanks Rosco for your help much appreciated
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    Alot of people swear by the pro stuff
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    I have a litter now that I linebred because of pro. From what Ive seen they have great line control and and noses. A guy told me they mature slow and will only run what there brains let them and I kind of see that. They can be weak in the hunt departemnt at times, but one of mine is a great jump dog and another seems to start a lot of races but she isn't a real brush buster. The mother of my pups is by shorts Robo (out of Pro) and the father is by Reaper (out of pro). I think the pups will be super smooth hard to shake rabbit dogs in the end. If they have enough foot, they should make great SPO dogs.
  7. FC Shorts Pro is the #1 akc spo producing stud dog of all time. He has produced 90 something field champions to date. If he's not yet, he will definetly be a hall of fame dog. Right now, I would say Fc Shorts Pro and Fc Postoak Little Nip Otis (#2 producing stud dog) are the most popular akc spo stud dogs ever. You can't go wrong with either bloodline. Not all, but most pro dogs are big (13-15 inches) and most Otis dogs are small (13 and under). It just depends on what you like. Like these other guys said, has a ton of info on just about any akc bloodline.
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    I have a 1973 Hounds & Hunting magazine That has FC. Pearson Creek Carson in it. At eight years of age he had produced 110 field champions, i don't know what the final tally was when he died. I have owned several Shorts dogs with Shorts Pro close up, i even owned one that was straight out of Pro. The first thing that stands out about these dogs was lack of hunt. The second thing that stands out was, they had good line control. The third thing that stand out with the ones i had was too much mouth. When i say lack of hunt i don't mean that they wouldn't pop them noses and switch them tails and hunt right trait down a bush hogged lane but to me if a dog has good hunt he will go right in the briar patches and not skirt around them.
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    Gary Ray, I believe FC Pearson Creek Carson was a brace trial dog. I own a couple of dogs with Shorts Pro, although not up close. Both hunt good and run a good strait line. One does have extra mouth. I have seen a big variety of speeds and hunting ability of Pro hounds at trials but most all ran a good line.
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    I appreciate the impute guys ,thanks again
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    The Pearson Creeks were Brace but not to be confused with the present day traditional brace hounds. They would try to get up and run some rabbit back in those days in the brace trials. The Pearson Creeks were used in alot in the very first SPO trials and alot of hounds today were bred off this family of hounds.

    It is hard to argue about the success that the Short's Pro hounds have had in the trials because their records are incredible. Pro was bred to many different types of females and he seems to get alot of the blame for non-hunting pups but he didn't do all that himself. Takes 2 to Tango.

    Some of the better hounds out there today are the Pro/Otis crosses from strong bitch lines.
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    I will agree with James on this one.

    FC Shorts Pro has produced more as a Stud in my Life Time.

    Otis is the second Stud of my Life Time.

    The female side of the breeding has a LOT to do with how the pups turn out.

    To me a breeding goes like this -

    40% Sire
    40% Dam
    20% on how the pup was raised and trained.

    Just my Opinion Only
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    There are 62 dogs in a 5 generation pedigree. Yet people can have Shorts Pro mentioned 2 or 3 times several generations back and they swear they have a Shorts Pro bred dog. The dog i had that was directly out of Shorts Pro would follow along beside you like a house dog and then when the other dogs jumped a rabbit he would join in the race. I also had two dogs that were line bred shorts on the bottom, Shorts Pro being their grandfather and they were line bred Bluecreek bear on the top. The breeder of these dogs made this cross to put more hunt in the Shorts. I had two litter mates both of this breeding. They had great line control. They both had way to much extra mouth. Now they would hunt in a open growed up field of weeds and tall grass but when they had the opportunity to go in a real thick briar thicket they just skirted around it. Now when they got around the briar thickets if they smelled a track of a rabbit that took them into the briars they would open and go in. But to me if a dog will only go in a thicket only because he is led in by a track but otherwise just skirt around it if he smells nothing, i don't call that good hunt. It might suit the trialers but not the rabbit hunter. I don't carry a talliho stick, i carry a gun.
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    I understand what you are saying. I have had many different bloodline over my years of buying and raising beagles. ALL OF THEM will do the same thing as you just posted. Some have it and some dont. Some are just smarter than others.

    I love trialing my hounds, But I HUNT MY TRIALING HOUNDS ALSO. I don't have to have a different hound to hunt with or to trial with. It was fun to open the dog box and see 4 AKC FC's run a rabbit to the gun over and over again all day long. I had more fun letting the kids soot the rabbit and seeing their face when they shot theor first rabbit in front of a pack of FC's.
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    Ive owned two so I can only speak of my very limited experience with em. One was out of FC Waskle of Naters and the other one was out FC Shorts Bro. Both were a little cold nosed and would bark early but they could trail a rabbit when some of my other dogs acted like they didnt smell anything. They also both barked alot in the kennel. Id call their hunt average. They werent brush busters but they didnt just follow you around either.

    In hindsight I wish I still had both of em. :smack:
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    freddie, aint that the way it usually goes
  17. I have six dogs all but two have Pro on the top or bottom side in there 3 gen ped. I will say that they may have a little extra mouth,I've had dogs that did that didn't have any pro, as they have gotten older(there about a year and a half now) the only place that I see them do it now some is in a check. I have a male out of reaper(directly out of pro) and he rips his ears up every time out. I'm not going to say that there are not dogs out there that don't hunt better but I'm satisfied with mine. Buy what you like.:up:
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    I have 2 pro dogs in my kennel.I like em both.
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    Enjoyed the video John. Three Questions: 1. Are all the dogs Shorts Pro bred. 2. Was this a fld trial or just a couple of guys out running. 3. If this was a fld trial, does AKC allow bells on dogs in a trial.