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OK, so you've probably seen our posts about the two new Garmin products: PRO 550 Plus and the Astro 900 with T9. Here's some questions/answers:
1) the PRO 550 Plus is just like the PRO 550: 3 dog capable, separate tone button, shocking...but the Plus also has direction GPS on the transmitter that tells direction and distance. It uses the Big or Mini TT 15 or T5. If you have a Big or Mini TT 15 or T5, it will sync to the PRO 550 Plus. The PRO 550 Plus will also sync to the DriveTrack 70 and 71.

2) the PRO 550 Plus is NOT compatible with any other collar type OTHER THAN Big or Mini TT 15 or T5.

3) the Astro 900 with T9: is designed for sale in Canada and the USA. Authorized Garmin dealers cannot sell to Canada because of the MURS frequency used on regular Garmin products, but the Astro 900 uses 900 MhZ FSS frequency so it opens up the market for dealers.
4) the Astro 900 can be used in the USA. It will have a different frequency thereby eliminating some interference in certain situations like field trials.
5) the Astro 900 has a range of up to 5 miles and it CANNOT be used with any other collar other than a T9. The T9 is a different frequency than your standard Big or Mini T5/TT15 so the T9 only works on the Astro 900. The T9 is NOT compatible with Astro or Alpha systems.

We hope this helps. We appreciate all the inquiries. Thank you for choosing OKIE DOG SUPPLY!

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