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Discussion in 'Rabbit Hunting and Beagling' started by Wilbur, Nov 10, 2017.

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    loaded my three up this morning and went to a WMA not to far from the house, to my surprise I wasn't there very long when my 2 y/0 male jumped it wasn't long till the two gyps put in with him and the race was on,he would go down the ditch about 160 yards and circle couple times and come back up the ditch on the other side to the big thicket. About an hour into the race he popped out at the edge of the picked bean field where I was standing,came towards me for bout 50 yards ,my dogs came out of the brush hit the field ,came towards me lined up like ducks,they were walking and talking,when they turned back in the thicket I could tell the pace picked up ,I saw him once more about an hour and twenty minutes into the race he made a pretty sharp double for about 15 feet,my male was on the front and he got that check pretty slick,I caught them up after about an hour and a half,nice day to be out,good running to you all...........Wilbur. I was packing my 410 but I hated to end such a good race! Lol
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    I've found myself having more desire to shoot a rabbit that is giving the dogs a hard time running than one that is making a good chase. Something in the back of my mind says if all the good running ones get shot and the bad running ones don't maybe we are basically creating harder to trail rabbits. Yeah, I know they claim over 80% of 'em die every year anyway , but we don't cull dogs with the good traits. Maybe I way over think this .
    Mine ran 5 last time out and I didn't take any of them.
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    Mattdog I hear ya, I hunted 1 1/2 last wensday before the dogs jumped I could have gunned him twice but its hard for me to end the race when that's what I'm out there for,I gun a few every year but very few, I do shoot over my dogs fairly regular.......Wilbur
  5. Nice run Mr Wilbur! Made think I was out there with ya!