Pregnant or Not

Discussion in 'Beagle Health' started by WTV, Aug 14, 2020.

  1. WTV

    WTV Well-Known Member

    Hey Men, I’ve been messing with dogs a long time, but would your opinion on whether you have seen this or not. I have a 8 yr old gyp that has swollen up like she’s pregnant and now producing milk, however the only way she could have gotten bred was through a chain link fence. I’ve heard of false pregnancies, never personally had a dog experience that.
    All thoughts, opinions and recommendations are welcome!!
    Thank You!!
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  2. marshall dillon

    marshall dillon Well-Known Member

    I had a house pet dog that did that once .
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  3. Rabbitfootforme

    Rabbitfootforme Well-Known Member

    Had a fellow on here a couple months ago that had a false pregnantcy, I think it was Burnett... I have never had one. Lol, I didn't mean Burnett was pregnant.
  4. rienmark

    rienmark Well-Known Member

    It is not impossible for them to breed through a fence and I have had a female produce milk and nurse puppies when another female had the puppies go figure I guess she wanted to be a mama also she actually turned into a better mother than the real mother
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  5. WTV

    WTV Well-Known Member

    I gotcha!!
    I’ve heard others mention it in years past, but never experienced it either. I know an 8 month old male knows what to do instinctively, but can’t imagine him locking up or getting in her enough to impregnate. Guess we’ll see soon!!
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  6. Robert L. Dunn

    Robert L. Dunn Well-Known Member

    Breeding through a chain link fence. I don't know!! I've had a couple of breeding experiences in my soon to be 79 years. In most of them the female had to do the guiding.
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  7. WTV

    WTV Well-Known Member

    Well now Mr Robert, I resemble that remark but I was really talking about my young male dog....maybe I’ve got a real smart one that can open gates and go from pen to pen....he would be worth something then!!! Lol
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  8. tonytpoole

    tonytpoole Well-Known Member

    I had a male that would climb the fence and walk the tops of the pens to the females pens and then climb back up and go back to his pen until he got caught doing it and a top got put on his pen. He got it from his momma she could climb just about anything.
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  9. Ken's Kennels

    Ken's Kennels Well-Known Member

    We had a female that got knocked up in a pen by herself. Males were next door, idk how it happened but she sure did have puppies.
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  10. W.cropp

    W.cropp Member

    I’ve seen both as well. Had a female pregnant. The female next to her swoll up like she was pregnant.
    cousin had his female get bred through the fence she is welding 2 pups as we share.

    four males are n the pen next to her.
    Who’s the daddy?
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  11. Burnett

    Burnett Well-Known Member

    About a month ago i had one swell up pretty good .Swelled tits with milk and didnt have pups.She fights getting bred and i just left her in the pen with a male .I didnt see the male hang her but there was alot of time i wasnt looking so i had to treat her like she was going to have pups.But no pups. I was kinda glad,i dont need more dogs.
  12. Robert L. Dunn

    Robert L. Dunn Well-Known Member

    Mr. Cropp,I had that problem once. I didn't know she was in so I ran her with both of my males at different times. When she started showing I had a problem the same as yours. I had to DNA one of the pups and one of the males. The other male had already been DNA'd. I found out who the daddy was and kept the female puppy I had DNA'd. I bet you can't guess what I named that pup!
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