Predator Calling/Coyote Problems

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    I just bought a caller for predator hunting and I was wondering if any of you had ever used one and I would appreciate any tips you care to share. I have a lot of rabbits on my place but I also have coyotes too. I don't know how they survive because I hear those yotes every night and morning and they are very close to my house as well. I see where they have caught a rabbit every once in a while. If I can't kill them I sure want to encourage them to move.

  2. I've tried everything, and cant make it work. Same here. I have coyotes come across my yard most every night, and wow , they can sure stir up a racket about 4 in the morning. Apparrently, you have to be very careful in your set up, keep the wind in your favor, wear good camo, sit very still, and it helps to get as close to their bedding area as you can without spooking them. A guy told me when I was trying this, that if you hear them that early in the morning, thats not where you want to hunt, because they have been stirring most of the night, and they are about as far from their den area as they get at that time of day. So I gotta find out where they sleep,:headscratch:

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    Thanks Blev, I noticed the same thing you said about their location because they are in a different place in the morning than where they are at night here lately. I've got a couple places on my land that might produce a yote to the call where I have seen them before. I really don't expect to do very good at this but I have a friend that lives in Oklahoma who got rigged up for calling yotes when we were working in Mississippi and he killed 5 in one day. Probably just luck but I'll take luck if it will help me remove a few of them.

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    Most of the video's hunt a cross wind and watch the down wind side many of them use fox pro callers....the females should be pregnant now....if you howl use a challenge howl
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    OK, start with know where your coyotes are! So you know your approach in relation to the wind and sun if any. That gives you an advantage right off the bat! Harder to be backed doored that way.

    Place the caller away and upwind from your location, knowing a high% of called in coyotes will circle downwind, they will take the shortest route "most" of the time to get down wind. Use terrain to your advantage, make sure you have a 180 degree view of the area in which you expect those coyotes to come from. Don;t allow them an unseen avenue to your location!!!!

    Keep as low a profile as you can, if I have good visability I'm layiong prone, a more solid rest and better, if not then sitting and shooting sticks, but use the avilable cover to your advantage. Keep your vehicle hidden and be as quite as possible, don't skyline yourself, act as though they are watching you because at times they just might be. I alwasy give it 2-3 mintues in amore highly visable area before I start to call.

    Sounds run the gambit time of year and life cycle of a coyote plays into it. Think of it as creating a scene, your trying to get those coyotes to come investigate, knowing the coyotes will make this far easier than stressing over what sound did the guy in killin all coyotes use to bring them in. Make the stand to play out at this time of year your a young coyote and your stealing the food bank. Add in some crow sounds and the party is going on without you guys. I have no problem using different distress sounds on the same stand and have success, coyotes have a poor short term memory, greed is a major factor in a coyotes life, the more coyotes the more this greed factor comes into play and the more agressive those dominate coyotes will be.

    Distress sounds are great and work alot of the time, adding coyote vocals helps as well, using younger coyote sounds when unsure of the age class of coyotes your calling to makes for a better stand than blowing them out with I'm a gruff Ol' dog lookin to kick your little butt.

    Let them come in, don't get to excited watch their body langauage and they will tell you alot. Keep them gussing and when there under 150 yrds lower the volume or use a lip squeak a hard sound for them to resist. Remember a coyote has excellent hearing and can pin point sound very well. If their commin let them come, to stop them I just use a bark or whistle at them. They may be comming dead on into you but most inside of 70 yards will start to hook downwind if not before, it seems it is harder to stop them the closer they get at times. Weapon choice can make a differance or not shotgun or scoped rifle. Hard to get a coyote even in 6 power at 15 yrds, then the shotgun is the true winner, my point is stop them at a comfortable distance. A pair or more try and take the furthest one that is stopped, the others will give you a chnace alot of the times by hitting ki yi or pup in distress on exit.

    Good luck. THIS IS A QUOTE last year we killed 23 yotes in my area, when you figure it out you'll love it. keep use posted. THIS IS ALSO A HELPFUL SITE
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