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Discussion in 'Kennels and Housing' started by FB, Dec 17, 2009.

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    If we had a smiley for jealously this would be a good place to use it cause this is a really nice kennel. :thumb:
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    One more

  3. plumber

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    Thanks it took some work, but it is so nice to take care of the dogs now. It cuts time way down in caring each day for your hounds. Before this kennel I had just dirt floor pens, what a big difference. I will finish it up with a fenced in yard so I can turn what ever dogs I want out and not worry about them. I put double gates for this reason. I can feed from one side and never go into the pen.
  4. plumber

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    Forgot to mention. Southerlands in Benton has the best prices on the Gate Panels, they are not heavy duty chain link but for 70 dollars a panel with gate you cant touch that price.
  5. Michael Gerace

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    Fine looking kennels:thumb:
  6. VERY NICE KENNEL!!! I will have to come visit you one of these days.
  7. Jeff Gammon

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    I really like the blocks you laid between the kennels. That is a awesome idea
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    NICE I like it a lot.:up:
  9. pa beagler

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    eal nice kennels look easy to keep clean:thumb:
  10. Owl Creek

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    that is real nice.
    well planed out too.
  11. plumber

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    Thanks guys. It took some work, but should last quite sometime. I have learned that if your going to have dogs, and I like my dogs. You must have a easy way to care for them. It makes all the diff. in the world. It is so nice to take care of the dogs all at one time, and in one place. :clap:MONEY WELL SPENT!!!!!!!!:thumb::D
  12. bglehound

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    very nice setup ! what are the dimensions of the individual pens?
  13. I Like A LOT !!!!! When I grow up I wanna have some like this :D.

    One question... the pic taken from the left end makes it look like the roof is flat... is this correct? If so... why a flat roof instead of pitched for run off?
  14. You have a real nice kennel setup there. Should be one that lasts for several years.
  15. plumber

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    The roof slopes 6" to the back.
  16. how much slope do you have on the concrete
  17. plumber

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    I would say somewhere at 1 to 2 inches of fall on the slab.
  18. Ripmochiro

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    Beautiful kennel, I am inspired.