pics of pups on snow

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by shotgun john, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. Took Jeb and anne for a walk for awhile in the snow. Didn't jump a rabbit. I did get to work some with them with the e-collar. I was hoping to jump a deer so I could shock them off of it. No luck there either.


    Littleman Jeb


    Little Anne

  2. Jeff Gammon

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    Where are you at to have snow John?


    SHOOTER New Member

    NE AR
    Wish we had some snow
  4. Burkeville, Va.
  5. Owl Creek

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    how did they do on the snow John?
    same , better, or not as good? as with out snow.
  6. We didn't jump anything in the short time we was out. I was mainly hoping to jump a deer so I could shock them off of it. We have one more week of deer season then I'll be rabbit hunting. I would like to start running them with the pack but I would like to first knock them off of a deer. The female acted nervous and took about ten minutes to relax and start hunting.
  7. good looking dog have snow here to in NC
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    Good looking pups.
  9. Thanks. I just made this same breeding again. I hope to get a few more.
  10. They are some good looking pups