Pics from this weekends hunts.

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    We've had some pretty good running the last couple of mornings.I went out Friday morning with a couple of buddies and besides getting soaking wet we had some great runs.We wound up getting 3 cottontails and 2 swampers.Went back out Saturday morning with Ninja Turtle and a couple other friends and had some fantastic running.The dogs did great and we wound up bringing home 6 cottontails.We ran a couple of cottontails that I would have swore were swampers they ran so far before coming back.I was a great time.The first pic is from Friday morning.Second pic is from Saturday.Left to right Jerry Brice,Myself,Jeff Berry ( aka ninja turtle ) and Jerry's son Justin.
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    Good hunt Crofford looks like yall had some fun! :up:


  3. Now I know ya'll didn't kick all those up. Wheres the dogs we always get to see? Shame on you. Looks like a great time.
  4. Looks like you had two good hunts