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    I dont get a nickel for recomending this software but I use it myself and it works really well and thought some of you might be interested in it also.

    The Breeder's Standard

    Once you enter a dog in the database, it automatically fills in the blanks if you ever use that dog in another pedigree.

    Theyve gone up on the price quite a bit since I bought mine but if your really interested in bloodlines its very good software.

    You can keep up with contacts, breeding records, litter records, and a whole lot more.

    You can also share databases with someone else with the software. For instance, if you buy a copy, I could send you my database and you could install it and get all the pedigrees that I have, then upload more of your own.
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    hey freddie

    how do the pedigrees look from this site


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    Its not actually a site, its a program that you install on your computer and it allows you to print your own pedigrees.

    Ive got it on my laptop and will show you how it works sometime at a trial or something.
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    We also have that software and like it pretty good