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  1. plse walk me thru bc even with a college degree i cant figure it out. lol io got lost with the cutting and pasting into text/html editor.
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    This generator is different than the one on ESPO. Im trying to get one like they have but so far havent had any luck in finding anyone that will write the program for it.

    The one on this site wont generate a pedigree that you can actually look at or send others to via a link. This one generates the HTML code that you need to put the pedigree on its own web page.

    It also doesnt save any of the information.

    So to use it you just manually enter the information such as the dogs name, dob, its sire, its dam, grandsire, grandam, etc. then copy the code that it generates and paste it in your page.

    Hope that helps.

  3. I tried out the new generator and appreciate it, I think it will be useful, Thanks.
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    Thanks. I hope people will find it useful.

    You can use sort of like you can the espo pedigree once you have the dog entered into their database.

    Thats a link to a male that I own. Does it take you to his pedigree or do you have to log in first?
  5. It wants me to log in. Is that sites services free.
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    Yes, its free.

    I was hoping you could you view the pedigree similar to way you can on the espo site but I guess you have to create an account and log in first.
  7. I got lost without the college degree. I'm glad it's not just me.
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    The pedigree generator has changed since this thread.

    You can make the pedigree and either copy it to a page on a website or create a link to it.

    Its kinda complicated but once you do it a time or two its not that bad.

    You need to remember two things:

    1. Double or even triple check the information you enter. There is no way to edit a pedigree once its created.

    2. Be sure and save the URL because there isnt any way to search for it once its entered into the database.
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    Beagle Pedigrees

    Carl Post owner of now charges membership to use his site. He has collected thousands of pedigrees from us beaglers who have submitted them and now wants to charge a membership fee for us to access them. The fee isn't high, I think $12 a year. My gripe is he got the pedigrees from us beaglers who submitted them.

    This has nothing to do with the pedigree generator on this site. provides us a pedigree generator form that we fill out and can print out from our own printer. On the bottom it will ask if you want an Http address and you should click yes before printing your pedigree. It will issue an http address and number that you can input into your computer and your pedigree will come up. Just remember to print your pedigree so you will have it for reference. It is a nice pedigree generator and prints in a nice form.:thumb:
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    maggie pedigree

    Here is the pedigree for Persimmon Creek Maggie.She is now 11 years old lives in North Carolina.

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    pedigree gen this is a good one.


    This is a good help site, Pedigrees, search, tools, etc..... Hope it helps, I like it.