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    heres a slide show of some of our hunts this past season. we were having a great year till feb hit us with 21 inches of snow. the first pic is 3 new hounds we picked up ealy last spring after loosing 3 seasoned hounds to a incompatant vet. one did die of old age the other 2 well its a long:censored: story. the 3 we picked up ar blackjack otis and pro blood. had to do a little deer breaking with them but after a full season they are now great gun dogs. the othe 2 we have ar pro bred. click on pic
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    great pics and nice looking hounds

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    Nice hounds
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    Nice looking hounds as well as some beautiful country you have to hunt in
  6. good looking hounds and some good pictures
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    Great pics Mitch,had to be alot of powder burnt that day huh!:up:
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    mitch i seen that photo. wish we had bunnys like that here. you guys down south kill more bunnys in one day than we do in a season. i have been invited to do a delta hunt need to get down there. oh yea i love dew-it. seen him down richard swayers when he was down there for stud. got to watch him burn up a bunny for 2 hours. he impressed the heck out of me. great hunt.
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    I cant imagine getting into that many rabbits in one trip.