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We have a some of the best raffle prizes of any raffle I personally have seen and these three are just the beginning. All the attaboy goes to the people and business that have donated and also to TJ. He already had these lined up and committed. Big thanks to them.

Hickory Creek Hunting- Jeff Brondige:
2 day Kansas rabbit hunt for 4 people!!
All lodging , food ,and hunting included.
He is building a new lodge and plenty of rabbits.

STX Tom Lowe:
3 day NC rabbit hunt for 2 people!!
With lodging and hunt you supply food.
3 day NC deer hunt for 1 person this includes 2 bucks and 2 does. You also have the possibility of bring 3 more guest that HAS TO PAY.
That is not a miss print
Includes lodging and hunt with a kitchen. You provide the food.

Easyloader Tim Miller:
Brand new Hot out of the injection mold
2 compartment dog box!!

I dont have tickets yet but if you would like to preorder some tickets I can put you on a list with just those prizes should fill up a 200 page binder. Just PM me on here.
We do have other business committed but I have not finalized all the details. Once that is done. Swampman Rowdy
Will post a official list.

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They use to get up a race pool every week at work . It was a $20 dollar pool , with about 15 people getting in it every week . I am not much of a gambler and I needed every dollar I made at the time so I didn’t get in it . One of my friends , Big T asked me to draw his number one week and he won . I did that to more times in a row and he won . They wouldn’t let me draw his number anymore . I miss Big T , he died early , just 55 years old . He always told us that men didn’t live long in his family .
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