I am getting out. Too many other interests and not enough places to hunt. Almost feel sorry for the rabbits anymore....

I have a 2 1/2 year old Weir Creek red female. Beautiful dog. Never bred. Really tries to push the rabbit. Will swing and cut. Hunts like a bird dog. Always moving and looking but not a brush crusher. Handles good. Sweet dog.

1 1/2 year old male. Started. Still green. Solid brown. Out of Cody cmk's dogs. Good bawl mouth. Needs a lot of work.

Could breed these two and end up with beautiful pups.

Asking $400 for both picked up here in Jackson, MO 63755. Want them to go to a home that will give them a chance.

Will try to get pics. Call or text 573-243-1947
These are what they are. Need more work than I can give. If you have some decent dogs already, these could maybe bring new blood into your pack and grow to help your pack.

Female 13"plus and male a bit smaller maybe 12 1/2". Had shots and been on ivermectin monthly.

Prefer to sell together.