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    We ran dogs all day Friday.

    Over heating the dogs was a concearn. We would run them until their tongues were hanging out then give them a break. Kinda just a gut feeling We would let them cool in the pond and shade while we ran another cast.

    What are the signs of overheating ?
    When do you know your dogs need a break ?
  2. i always try and run around water and most dogs will smell it and drink it when there on a loss or in between rabbits. i usually watch for there back legs any type stiffness or any wobble at all and there caught and cooled down. ears and feet.

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    I'm still trialing right now and after talking to my vet this is what i do.I carry 1 cooler that is 1/2 full of water and another that has my drinking water with ice in it.After running the hounds i open the cooler with the water and add a lil ice to it to make it cool but not cold.I set the dog down in the cooler and let it sit there and soak em pretty good.I have a big syringe that i put some sugar in and draw up some pedialyte and shoot down there mouth.Here is the reason for all this.

    Dogs raise their body temp when running with it being very hot.When the body temp gets high it starts affecting the organs and can also lead to heat stroke.Dipping my hounds in cool water will bring the temp back down quickly.The syringe of sugar and pedialyte will put electrolytes and raise their glucose level back up to normal.If there is some water holes around i just let them lay in the mud holes but i keep my backup just in case.

    One of the signs of heat exhaustion is staggering around and they will turn down their food at feeding time.If they wont eat give them some sugar or something like nutrical.Once the glucose level is back up they will feel like feeding again.
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    I run early in the morning and done by mid-morning when things get too hot. I am not trialing or hunting now until October so I am just keeping them in shape. Only run about 4 hours this time of year.

  5. Same for me.
  6. had to carry one out the other day , i usally can tell by the way there mouths sound when there getting to hot but they were off in a cut down & couldnt get to them when i needed to. But got him cooled down there is a pond & there are horse watering troffs ckattered over the place
  7. Island ridge hounds-- I have never heard of one of the signs that you use to observe whether they are overheated or not? Never the back legs stiffening up!

    Is this something that you observed over the time that you've run beagles, or was this shown to you or explained to you by some one (vet?) :headscratch:

  8. Becareful dunking dogs to cool them. Their hair is there to help cool them an keep them warm. If there too hot and you wet the entire dog then the heat will stay in the body and cook em. Only wet the lower half of the dog then remove to shade. There was a derby trial several years ago where they dunked their dogs and they dropped dead. The body doesn't get to that heat level instantly so it needs to come down gradually as well.

    Think about you bein over heated then getting drenched. It's cool at first but that shirt gets pretty hot pretty quick and it comes off. Submerging in water isn't even a treatment for heat stroke or exhaustion.
  9. anytime front or back limbs start stiffing up means they could be close to locking up. just a huge body cramp. i watch when the walk or run by to see if one is stiff legged. he's usually had enough until cooled down. i have seen hounds do this in hot temp and it usually happens to dogs in good shape.