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our 100th rabbit of the season last year

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This is DJ, a buddy of mine with our 100th rabbit.
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nice FB we need to go hunting togeather one day
Give me a call especially if you can go through the week. I work alot of weekends but usually have some free time during the week.

I gave up duck hunting a few years ago but I still know of a few spots on public ground I could tell you about if you ever wanted to come up here and try it. It aint what it used to be but it can still be pretty darn good at times.
ill definately give ya a shout. i only work 7 days out of 14 so i got plenty of free time. what part of arkansas you from?
I live just outside of Cabot which is about 20 miles north of Little Rock.

But most of the duck hunting is north and east of me. We have public land here that rivals private land in alot of places. When everything is "right", it doesnt get any better anywhere.
FB, that pic makes it look like we were out rabbit hunting in the middle of a dang rice field and stumbled across one!:clap:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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