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    whats the speed on these dogs what are the good and bad things on these dog does any one have any experience with these hounds,Thanks for your impute.:up:
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    National FC Post Oak Little Nip Otis -

    Great Hound that had produced a lot of nice hounds for Rabbit hunting and field trialing.

    He was a med plus speed hound that produced med to med speed hounds, Just depends on the female that was breed to him. Otis had a lot of HUNT and GRIT that he produced to his pups.

    Here is a little more info on him (Good and Bad) :


    Hope this helps

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    I dont have anything straight out of him (right now anyway) but most of my dogs have him somewhere in their pedigree. I never got to see him run but Ive heard from people that did that he was one of the best they ever saw run a rabbit. Even better than that he produced alot of really good dogs also.

    Im trying to linebreed (or at least its my version of linebreeding) back to Otis and maybe Ive just been lucky but so far I havent had any problem with crooked legs or anything else. Ive got a male right now that is a little over 18 months that I really like and he has 4 crosses of Otis (two on top and two on bottom) with no confirmation problems. Ive had a couple of small pups but the male I mentioned is 12 1/2 which is pretty close to what Im shooting for.

    Most of em seem to be medium to a little over medium speed with good line control, good hunt, and gears.

    Thats my opinion of em for what little its worth. Hope it helps.
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    Sam's Hustling Otis I believe is directly out of Otis. He is a small dog, but I judged him and loved him. True rabbit dog. From what I have heard that is true for alot of otis dogs.
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    The male I was talking about in my post is out of Sam's Hustling Otis and yes, he is directly out of Little Nip Otis. He's actually a result of Little Nip Otis being bred to one of his daughters. Ive never tried breeding that tight myself but it worked that time cause like you said, he's a heck of a rabbit dog imo and well deserving of his FC title.
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    Dont tell me Im the only one on this site that has an opinion (good or bad) of Otis lines. :headscratch:
  9. Like I said in a recent post, Otis is the second top producing akc spo stud dog of all time. Will definatly be a hall of fame dog. One of the most popular bloodlines of today. He has made his mark in the beagle world that you will see for generations to come. I don't have anything out of him but I have a male out of fc inline black jack (otis's sire), who will also be a hof dog. They have both passed away recently. I took a female to breed to Otis about a year before he died but he wouldn't breed her. He had lost his desire to breed his owner said. I was thankful that he let me try though. I wish I couldve gotten some pups out of him. I never seen him run personally but apparently he was as good as they come and he passed all his traits on to alot of his offspring. Most Otis dogs are med to med plus speed that hunt like crazy with brains! You can not go wrong with an Otis bred dog!
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    The best thing about the otis dogs is that for the most part his offspring that wouldnt trial were definately rabbit dogs. A good friend of mine has a otis female with two wins that can absolutely smoke a rabbit.
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    I have a friend i went hunting with this past season and he had a male out of Inline Black Jack and a female out of Otis. Both dogs had the same mother, she was a field champion too that had won the nationals a few years ago. Both these dogs he owned would tare a briar thicket apart looking for a rabbit and ran around a 6 speed with good line control. The female was due to come in heat and he was going to take her somewhere out of state to breed to a field champion. He don't field trial just rabbit hunt and he will sell most if not all the pups. He had never seen the out of state dog run at all but was going on what the H&H add said ??? I told him if he would breed his two dogs together i would buy every one of them, that how much they impressed me. My friend said no that it was to close of a mating and they might turn out looking like freaks. He don't go much for linebreeding or inbreeding.
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    question,i have a pup that goes back to post oak little nip

    my pup goes back to little nip and jack black, i was hoping that someone could tell me if they know anything about his sire and dam. the sire is pbf triple play and the dam is pbf. music to my ears. from there it goes back to Ch. pbf the hound of music and Ch. pbf sixteen candles. any info would be helpfull. thanks!
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    we picked up 3 otis hounds last spring. some of the best hounds we have ever owned. mac is by far the best in 30 years. hunt control nose checkwork just blows my mind. brain and gears. the dam is pro so that also helps. looking for a good otis female to breed to mac.
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    Remember when you are looking at otis petigree you are seeing some great dogs themselves. Several HOF dogs that splintered into some of the other great dogs of our time. I believe when you go back to Jack, Robs Diamond, shorts pro,Home brew you are looking at the dogs that gave us what we know as great trail dogs today.

    Look in almost any winners pack and you will see offspring from these fine dogs.
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    Thats a good point rosco. He's got a heck of a family tree. If you go back even farther youll see alot of Stubby and Hi Hill bred dogs, Buzzbomb, and even some Pearson Creek dogs among others.
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    I like the video Dave, can't see a lot but you can tell they are pushing him good and not many breakdowns. Was mac that blac and tan, and did he have that little quiver in his voice.
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    all 3 otis hounds are black and tan. me and my buddy have been running hounds for 30 plus years and we have had some real nice hounds but mac just is the one. i will post some videos of him. never seen a hound as a good all around hound. does nothing wrong in my eyes and i am tough on hounds performace. he was trial and won alot. he was the ohio state champ. all spo. for some reson he settled down and was happy to run third in the pack. so the owner sold him to us. he is a check dog like i never seen, on these hot dry days it mostly mac that will fin the har check. been running pro breed hounds for years. still have 2 witch are great hounds and had some real good pro. so the guys that trial around here started crossing otis with pro and they did good.