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I've been enjoy this site but can somebody help me out with what other sites or messages boards about rabbit dogs are out there?
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I have not been on here long but this site is alot less hostile than some of the others. Some sites hate AKC and some can't stand ARHA and some seem to hate rabbit hunting:headscratch:. I go on ESPO magazine's site alot but seldom post anymore cause most posts will turn very negative in a hurry. The American Beagler site is a good site catering to more Large Pack, Midwest SPO style hounds. May be some, that others will let you in on that I don't visit

Aw heck, this is the only one that really matters. :thumb:
this is the best site I have found that is for rabbit hunters and beaglers

I have visited them all and like this one the best
I like the ESPO site. You can get some good information off of it sometimes but I hate the software they use.
Ozarkhunter, it is a great site. No trash talk, and good guys.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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