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I have raised this beef from a young steer that I bought from my neighbor. I think he will be 1500+ pounds. He has been completely grass feed. There has been nothing placed on the field so he is organic. There are mineral blocks and a occasional worming block placed in the field. He is located near Lynchburg, Tennessee. I typically carry my beef to South Pitsburgh Tennessee for processing. I have not carried anything this year but I think they charge $100 for kill and $1 per pound for processing. I am guessing it would cost about $75 to get him carried to South Pittsburg. ( you would probably want to have him process near you.
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His dress weight would be somewhere between 60 to 70 %. At 60% your processing fee would be $900. They would package per your instructions. It is packaged in vacuum sealed plastic. I will not take less than $1 per pound live weight.
Your costs would $1500 + $100 +75+ 900.. $2575. you would have 900 pounds of grass feed , organic beef. This would be about $2.80 per pound. Grass fed hamburger is over $6/ pound in Atlanta and Fillets are over $32.00 per pound.
You would know where the beef came from .
900 pounds is a lot of meat.
You might be best served by splitting it with somebody.
Grass feed beef is very lean
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