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  1. well guys as we all know we have our own opinions about everything!!!....and i know that there are many different styles of beagles and running styles of beagles!!!...that being said...what to you prefer???...color???...speed???...size???...and why???...if you can explain that...LOL...i just like to hear what people have to say!!!!
  2. i prefer the faster type...and the smaller type!...i think i have all colors...or i have had...I LIKE ALL COLORS!!!...i dont think that one color can run better than any other color!!!...but their are obviously proven bloodlines!!!

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    I like a true Med-Med Plus hound. Sex, Size, and Color really doesn't matter to me. I have had all Colors, Males and Females, and 13" and 15" hounds in my kennel.

    I look for a hound that has Brains first, Hunt second, Desire, etc.....

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  4. very good answer!!!...(opinion)...LOL...i would have to say in a pup...i have to go with hunt/desire/aggression..1st...cause they cant show the brains as much yet!!...if it has no hunt/desire to look...then there wont be a rabbit to run...right???...again good answer...and thanks!
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    Color isn't a big issue but I do like to see a little color in my pack, lemon and white mostly. Extrem hunt and instinct to jump rabbits, can't run em if you can't jump em. Ability to hold the line and run as fast as your nose allows. Adjust to the dogs that your running with,get up and go when everything else does. Brains and rabbit smarts,rabbit hunter first trialer second.
  6. color doesn 't matter i like med to upper med dogs and dogs that have good hunt
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    I like medium speed with gears. Our hunting season usually has tough scenting and I don't like lost rabbits. I like medium size dogs 12 - 14. Too big and they have troubles in thick brush, and I just don't like too little. Brains, brains, brains and desire. I usually pick one of the smaller pups out of a litter. It seems they have to use their head to survive rather than their size. Its all a guess on a pup!
  8. GREAT OPINIONS GUYS!!!!...i am the same about the gears...there are times to get up and go....and there are times to gear down and stay steady!!!...conditions and terrain definitely have to come into play a long the way!!!...some good ...some bad!!!!...i have watched my older dogs...(6 and 10 and 15)...and they are so smart...IMO...they just know...where he is...and which way he went!!!...BRAINS...is a must!!!...but it takes experience to have that kind of brains!!!!...they have to have desire and hunt!!!...and as a little pup...what can you look for???...aggressiveness!!!...JMO...LOL...i have seen some crazy stuff in my years of hound hunting and rabbit hunting!!!!...(DAD WAS A COON HUNTER)...its next to impossible to pick the best at 8 weeks!!!...i am thinking 6 months is the mark!!!...what do you guys say????
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    I like a full 13" hound, black and tan with white highlights. Medium fast, (more fast than medium) with gears. Traites I like in a hound, brains, desire, nose. I choose this order because brains and desire can make up for shortcommings in other areas. Brains can be identified early by observing a litter. I spend a lot of time just sitting and watching pups. Usually that smart one will do things to help you find him/her. Think back on any good dog you've ever owned. Bet he/she was smart!
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    I had a man asked me that same question many years ago. I told him I am not hard to please I just want a dog that can find enough rabbits to make my hunt interesting and stay after them untill I shoot them or decide to go home. With that said, I will say this; A dog that don't hunt for or know how to jump rabbits, and keep constant control of the line can't do the things I want. I am partial to red and Lemon dogs.
  11. great opinions guys...and good conversation...keep it coming in!!!
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    I guess if i had a favorite color it would be black and tan but i dont really care one way or the other a solid medium speed dog with good hunt and nose,and will hunt from daylight to dark:up:
  13. I like med speed 13in. I prefer females they seem not to mess around as soon as you turn them loose they go hunt males have to take a leak and smell other dogs before they go hunt.
  14. I like me good lookin tri-colors. medium to upper medium speed. 15" and a screamin mouth!
  15. i do like the screamers...i have a little blue tick (12-12 and a half inches)...with a screaming squall...gotta love it!!!
  16. i like med. to med. plus thirteen inch females with good heavy chop mouths. as far as color the blacker the better. females just seem to get down to business alot quicker than males and not near bout as nasty in the kennel.
  17. wow guys...starting to remember why i didnt have any males in my kennel!!...LOL..i noticed something today...BUDDY is still peeing like a pup!!...at 11 months old!!!...so i aint got a problem yet!!!...LOL
  18. I like a WHITENER breed pup or hound.You know the saying..if you want to clean things up use a WHITENER,to me that holds true with rabbit beagles!!! Untill proven different i have to think this bloodline is the real deal in rabbit dogs.
  19. i sure like the Whitener myself!!!
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    Like a True Tri-color, but dont really care about color. Like 15 inch class only cause thats what I have, I also like the bigger hounds just cause IMO they look houndyer. Solid Medium to upper medium speed. Run the rabbit as fast as conditions allow, if they can run at a 10 without over running or manufacturing checks so be it. If they need to run at a 4, be smart enough to do that too. Gotta have hunt, no hunt no live here! Good line control and brains, big noses (scenting).