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Discussion in 'Hunting' started by Wilbur, Jan 28, 2018.

  1. Wilbur

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    The dogs jumped this yote about 730 this morning we had a pretty good race for about an hour or so it wasn't a knock down race but not bad,this yote decided to slip out and go accross the open it wasn't a good choice ,these ole dogs got there eye on him,only one we got today.........Wilbur

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  2. mwitter

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    Fay nc
    I would love to try that

  3. jhelms

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    Kill them all
  4. km

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    It is unbelievable how fast those coursing hounds can run down and kill a coyote. I had the luck to go out with some guys that had some good coursing dogs a couple years ago and it is a site to see. Theres a couple coyote trappers here that are really putting a hurting on the yotes, one is my old room mate from back in my bachelor days, hes stacked up over 150 this year. Hes been catching over 100 a year for the last few years. Very efficient way to take care of coyotes if you know what you're doing, not as much fun as gettin um with dogs and guns tho!!
  5. Wilbur

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    Km we mostly use hounds and we gun hunt this young man just started hauling his young stags and wanted to see what they would do in the open ,there alright but I like to hear a race guess I'll keep my hounds! There's a mixed bag on this catch.......Wilbur
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    You should try to find someone with a drone in your area Mr Wilbur!
    A video from above would be awesome, to say the least!

    Very fascinating!!!!

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  7. Jmoore

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    What part of the country? What distance do they travel?
  8. Culverbeagles

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    That’s a good coyote. Dead lol
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  9. Wilbur

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    I'm from central Illinois , coyotes like anything else ,some don't wanna leave home,I had a pair of dogs 2 weeks ago ran one 9 miles round trip and he went back to the block he came out of..
  10. wad

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    I wish there was a bounty on them yotes to support that sport. good job
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  11. Jmoore

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    Would love to figure out how here
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    Recently began to hunt coyotes. I do not have a dog yet, but I use a special baits. It is different, here I found https://under-the-open-sky.com/best-coyote-bait/ the description of the most popular. Each of them has shortcomings and advantages. There's still a lot to learn, but the bait works well I think. Who else tried it? Or it is necessary to get a dog?
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