number of beagles

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  1. what the number of beagles that makes agood race I say 4-6 beagles is ideal
  2. dbounds

    dbounds Active Member

    I agree :thumb:

  3. Jeff Gammon

    Jeff Gammon Active Member

    We will run as many a 8 or as few as 1
  4. john c

    john c New Member

    It depends on the conditions,at least it does here anyway. Early season with no snow 3-4 seem to get it done. When the snow gets here (depending on depth and type) sometimes 1 dog is all i want down.

    SHOOTER New Member

    NE AR
    4-6 is ideal for me
  6. FB

    FB Administrator Staff Member

    I seem to have alot smoother races with fewer breakdowns when I only run 4 or 5 dogs.

    The problem we get into sometimes is when you go with two or three other guys that have dogs. We've sometimes had 8 or 9 down when that happens and its just not as much fun to me. Its harder to listen to and pick out individual dogs when you have that many down plus it sometimes leads to some over competitiveness.

    It does sound good though when theyre all hot on the trail!
  7. plumber

    plumber Active Member

    6 is a good number for me. :thumb:
  8. Ron Preston

    Ron Preston Member

    large pack

    I prefer to run 8 to 10 dogs in a pack. We run hare bred dogs on cottontail. These dogs love to pack . If you put down the right combanation you can have a solid race, with little breakdown.
  9. Crofford

    Crofford New Member

    I prefer to run 6. I don't have a lot of time to run sometimes so I may run 7 from time to time just to get them all out.I agree with FB that you often have a problem with competivness if you run to many dogs at one time.
  10. ninja turtle

    ninja turtle New Member

    prefer 4-6, especially if you have any young dogs. don't think they benefit from a large pack.
  11. Jeff Gammon

    Jeff Gammon Active Member

    I agree 100% on the young dogs
  12. beagleman01

    beagleman01 Active Member

    small pack if taking my pups
  13. pa beagler

    pa beagler New Member

    i like running 4 dogs. much more enjoyable for me
  14. MackC

    MackC Moderator

    Depends on the terrain. 1-3 if hunting fencerows and small brushpiles. 4-6 if hunting briar patches and medium size thickets. 7-12 if hunting cotton fields or big weed fields. 10-15 if hunting big hills or mountains.
  15. I like 3 or 5 works good for me
  16. huguejm

    huguejm Active Member

    Depends how good they are. I hunted some braces real good braces this year.

    I had some good fun with some different trio packs I ran by myself.

    I ran quite a few 12-15 hound packs this year on some big hunts. Talk about a roar.

    I think I had the most fun this year hunting alone while running a trio of 10 month old males and then a trio of littermate females off of my Midnight Mister bitch and FC Brush-Fire-Driver. All are litter mates.

    It was exciting to see young hounds dig rabbits out of the briars, line up and pound rabbit after rabbit to the gun. This may be the best cross I have ever made.

    God knows they were exciting to gun over!!!! They did such a good job they made me laugh out loud and thank God for them several times. It's been a good while since young pups gave me goose bumps and made the hair stand up on the back of my neck while on a hunt.
  17. seems 4-6 is a good number... not too many that you cannot observe who is and who is not acting right. I have been with Tim H. of WoodPont Beagles and he runs 16 at a time... and I have to say it is a hoot!!! But ya gotta be a heck of a houndsman to be able to watch all of them at once... he can tell you who is tonguing at any given time...

    I can only run three at this point... but the others are getting started...
  18. RKW

    RKW Active Member

    I am like you deter I can't run but 3 right now myself. I have a 4th one with pups. I used to fox hunt years ago and 5 or 6 of us guys would meet with 2 to 6 dogs each and there is something about the roar of the hounds running game that is exilerating to say the least. The BS that went along with it was as much a part of the hunt as the running itself. Of course everyone had a brag dog and we would build a fire have something to eat and spend all night sitting in our lawn chairs listening to the hounds run. My wife thought I was crazy and 36 years later she still thinks I am. lol