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Not going hunting today

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But I am fixen to load up and go run dogs. Boys, my wife is so tuff she is going with me. 14 degrees wind blowing and light snow just north of Jonesboro Arkansas. I don't expect to much from the dogs with the ground being froze solid, but you don't know unless you go
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I went hunting yesterday but didnt make it today.

I worked Thursday night and didnt get in till 4 am Friday morning, loaded up the dogs and went hunting till around noon, then stayed up the rest of the day. By last Friday night all I wanted to do was go to bed.

I was pretty pleased with my dogs especially considering the cold. They ran rabbits pretty much all morning and did it alot better than I thought they would with everything being frozen solid.

They ran one cottontail in a sagegrass field for close to an hour before we got a shot at him. When he'd hit the woods theyd gear it down and almost walk him across those dry, frozen leaves.

Another rabbit kept running in and out of this elm thicket that had a bunch of water that was frozen. He'd get on that ice and run for a little ways, then jump off and circle back. To see one with his nose down on solid ice barking on a line will make you stop and think about just how good the sense of smell is on those little dogs that we all have. :thumb:

We only killed one and missed two more but it was still a heck of a hunt imo. They ran rabbits almost constantly, they just wouldnt come out of that sagegrass/thicket to get a shot at em.
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Running was good this morning. Those old blackcreek hounds showed us the rabbit 5 times. They would run real good until the rabbit would hit a gravel road, then it got tough, they would keep working the gravel until they would get it figured out. Had a awesome morning running with my wife
Sounds like yall had a little fun in this cold weather.:up:
I loaded them up went up to ed gordon ran close to 5 hr we seen the rabbit 8 times and killed one and shot three other times
Hey Jeff you are a lucky man to have a wife who enjoys the outdoors and its colder there than it is here:smack:
The times she goes with me are few and far between. She is not really an outdoors person, just got a wild hair and wanted to go this morning
Went yesterday and this morning we had some pretty good races just not finding a lot of rabbits,wish I was seeing as many rabbits as I am hawks I bet I saw a dozen these last 2 mornings.We managed to kill 2 this morning could have had a third one but it ran right between me and another guy both of us had a shot but we were both in each others way so no one got to shoot oh well it was a good race anways.
What the heck is up with my dogs? I ran 'em today, they couldn't run a rabbit to save their lives. We jumped five, they circled one. Those dudes would hit the ice and we'd loose em. I could see the rabbit run up the ditch, and try and get the dogs on it, and they just look at me like I'm crazy. Seems like I ain't ran a rabbit in weeks. Did manage to get one for my new pups though.:up: Was you hunting around here Jeff? I was around Walcott.
Yea, I was running in a little spot just south of Paragould. My first 30 minutes wasn't to good, but the next 1.5 hours was really good
went to the field trail at hope lots of good running even on the 1st round
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