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    I have always described a "Big Nose" dog as one who could run a rabbit "Down a Dirt Road" without any issues--unfortunately I have only ever owned 2 that could do that day in and day out.

    Living in Mary Land as I do the issue is more so with Frost than anything else, My present dogs can run on the Snow BUT really struggle on Frost-- ran them Friday & Saturday and until the Frost burnt off I should have stayed home.

    Most of the dogs I now own are Coco Bear( Coco Star & Rockefeller) and two have a touch of Buck Shot (AKA J-Bird) --I have a Black Creek/Cotton Country gyp that is a step too slow for the others although she does have the BIGGEST nose.

    My opinion -which does not count for much- is that the reason they struggle with Frost so much is because a lot of the track they try to run is beneath the Frost -the dirt road issue is because they can only run Foot scent as there is No body scent left behind

    I guess what my main question can I find a BIG nose AKA Dirt road /Frost proof breed that is NOT MOUTHY ? I have had only 3 of them in 55 + years

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    I wish you were closer and I could buy the blk crk gyp.

  3. I've only had one and he was a grandson of Indian Hills Majer.
  4. Answer=Unfortunately Mr. Jim no you can not.

    I do not believe there is any breed or line of hound (PROOF) from the weakness and or faults you mentioned.

    BUT.....I do believe you can breed with the focus on those attributes and enjoy the benefits and the beauty of those desiralbe traits of hound work in the good ones you may get.

    With your many years of valuable knowledge of good hound work and experience you should work hard to breed for the traits you just mentioned for yourself and so others in your area will have something good to build on in the hounds you leave behind when your gone.

    Leave them better than you found them.

    Sounds like you are the man for the job.

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    If a dog has a big nose it's inherently mouthy.
    Course everyone can stand varying amounts of mouth but barking cold tracks drives me nuts.